Reviews for "Gerudo Valley- Final - Round 2"


I feel da fire! I fell da fire cuz da song is HOT, HOT, HOT!

This is mind blowingly epic. You should be proud.

ShadowMan-Kage responds:

Oh yea!

Holy Hell...

This is something that makes me remember why I wanted to not sell my N64. Oh well, hopefully I can get one for Christmas and play the hell out of it to this song. U make me feel so awesome.


my only complaint is that its taken me 16 years to stumble across this lol its great even with out the clapping in the beginning
now then if you'll excuse me i need to go find my 64 and play the hell out of that game

ShadowMan-Kage responds:

LOL...I died laughing reading your comment....Thanks you just made my day!!



i think this is awesome and stuff :D

This rocks.

You just took my favorite song off that game, and made it that much more epic.
Kudos to you, sir. Kudos.
Keep up the good work.

ShadowMan-Kage responds:

Thanks...I really enjoyed making this song and Im glad I made it!

I thank Nintendo for the original beat that i could mix off of :P