Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 3"

still awsome,

but the soundtrack! argh, it was like my ears were being raped! i am glad the music is over. hurry and make more! please i am gettin reastless. oh yer, one critical thing
i read pretty rast, but sometimes i couldnt keep up with the pace the txt is going at, so u may wanna look into that, make it so the txt only moves on when u click it or sumthing. i dunno. chances are u wont even read this, so my critical comments go to waste. ah such is life. ah well
peace out, and keep em comin man!

that was great, but the trophies are annoying

good job! I hope the fourth movie comes out soon............ but what the hell was Inu-Yasha doing there?! and where'd u get the sprite?


this one was great but still inu-yasha and shampoo are from different comics (inu-yasha is from... inu-yasha) and shampoo (ranma1/2 and is supposed to mary ranma).

but still though it was great.


I got the shortcut to your computer!



Great flash once again alot better than the last one!!!!!!!!!! And another great example on how flash is supposed to be!!!!!!!!!! Well anyways great flash......