Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 3"

Good shit

First, I must say, what a good series you got goin on. Second, this is going to be a long series, isn't it? Third, where's the friggin jukebox? Fourth, I'm one trophy away from free air, damn.

Heran-Bago responds:

First, thanks. Second, I'm not sure myself. Third, eh, I got lazy. Fourth, no free air untill you get all of them!

A Decent Entry in the Series

Well, it's pretty good, just like the other 2. The SSB-style fight was good, and the story's there.

Only one thing I don't really get: I've found both easter eggs and 24 of the "25" trophies... Where's #25? I checked everywhere since #24 (using the tab method someone else mentioned), but NOTHING shows up. Is there really only 24?

Anyway, this gets a 7 (here) and a 4 (vote) from me.

these are getting worse

dude whats going on pick up the pace?

Good work

3RD EVER FLASH MOVIE AND OVERALL EVEYTHING ELSE 2 :) SOz i'll stop typing that at the start of my reviews its really annoying huh. Anywho, the 3rd installment was a combination of the great humor from part 1 and the fantastic violence from part 2 so overall you would think that this would ne the best of the three, but infact its the worse of the first three sorry but thats my opinon anyway. Continue working on the series though and I love the characters, mostly mighty his a funnny cunt!

fukn shweet

love it. this is maybe my 3rd time goin thru tha series..i dont even look for new things,this just cracks me up every time. also,before your dx i had no idea wtf you do to find trophies