Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 3"

Yeh...I shouldve watched the others 1st

If this gets blammed (doubtful) then its a waste. Ive not watched the prequels so I cant comment on much but looks ok. need to speed up the text though. Thats why I closed it, took too long for it to go onto the next speech bubble even though I had finished reading it 3seconds earlier. Apart from that, Im sure fans will like it.


kinda sucks sry... not as good as da ones b4... u've gotten lazy... dat brass monkey song is so annoying

It Was Cool

It Was Pretty Cool But The Story Line Was Quite Boring But I Like The Way You Did All That Nice Sprite Work Good Job So Thats Why Im Giving Your a 3 Hope The Next One Is Better



This was a decent little battle the mario sprite was cool, as for the flash there was good action and this was neat to see, so nice job there.

Add more characters

Fun battle



Sorry but OMG!

I watched the movie and it rox.


"Sorry , this movie wil continue".

Maybe you should name it in your comments ?