Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 3"

a must-see

love the knuckles series and keep up the good work. by the way i like that song when u click on the secret trophies but i dont know the title or who the artist is id like to know so can u plz reply back to me? thxs a lot!

Heran-Bago responds:

it's the DDR song Dub-i-Dub (by Me And My). Onll I distorted it so it sounds all crazy.


loved the flash AND THAT SONG SOUNDS ALL WEIRD when u click the secret button and get to see the 2 for 1 special WHAT IS THAT SONG PLZ TELL ME I MUST KNOW!!! lol

A Decent Entry in the Series

Well, it's pretty good, just like the other 2. The SSB-style fight was good, and the story's there.

Only one thing I don't really get: I've found both easter eggs and 24 of the "25" trophies... Where's #25? I checked everywhere since #24 (using the tab method someone else mentioned), but NOTHING shows up. Is there really only 24?

Anyway, this gets a 7 (here) and a 4 (vote) from me.

Dude keep it up!

So great I'm speechless.

I'm really liking these

When I started to watch the first one, I was rather unimpressed, but I decided to keep going. Glad I did. These have gotten to the point where I'm actually looking foward to the next one. First of all, the sprite work is great, especially working in Link with a Megaman Zero (or is it?) sprite. The story itself is amusing, and the characters are funny enough. I really like these, don't stop making them. (Oh yeah, and thank God you killed that annoying 'you lose guy') : )