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Reviews for "A FF FlashRPG"

Nice...at least.

Have you considered taking your ActionScript skills further?Did'nt think so.

Do you have a thing against Kain or something?

No matter how hard I try, Kain always loses to the last boss. He's at full health, level three (that's a very pathetic max level), and always does high level jump, yet he always loses. I've beaten the game with everyone else though. Also, why is Terra the only one who can heal herself? You should have made it so everyone could heal themselves. This would also be much better if you made it more serious and you had a team of characters to fight. I honestly don't see how people gave this crap such high ratings. You had style, good graphics, great music, and innovation, but you could have improved on it ALOT. >sigh< It seems I'll never find a great FF RPG on Negrounds...

It ws awesome when will he make more is my questio

It was an awesome rpg i give it max points!!!


It was actually a very well made Flash Video.. I enjoyed it.. It is very Old School..

Cool, not bad.

Pretty good. Though, I only was level 3 when I beat this game.
It was kind of hard unless you leveled up.
The only thing I didn't like was the last boss being AIM...
Out of all the FF flash RPGs I've played here on Newgrounds, This one was the best!
One more thing, I found a very tiny bug. When Aim was doing its Triple Warn, and I selected Fight when his move didn't finish, I couldn't attack. But I beat it anyways.
Good job, keep it up! I hope to see a better version of this someday.