Reviews for "A FF FlashRPG"


Still could use more options like a party an acutal story and better looking attacks. And everything else Final Fantasy has.


An RPG with a comical twist...heh..heh..I like it! Keep up the good work!!^_^

Getting better

Forgive me for what I said about your FF7 vs AOL guy (but that game did suck), you've come a long way since then. It was really fun to play.

not bad.

id like to point out a glitch. When I was using sephiroth, i should have had roughly 3800 exp by the time i fought broadband. HOwever, after I faought AIM, I couldn't go above 3000 exp, even though I beat 5 more monsters. Explination please?

this rules!!!

the magics are so cool and the story too.. the aim guy is always the bad guy isint he lol