Reviews for "An AHWW Faerie Tale"

leol (laugh evilly out loud)

funny. i could not stop laughing when that guy stood there like forever beating the dead horse. but then, i am very easily amused.

Lets see how long you can last.

The sound will drive you insane. Its good graphics, but otherwise I would forget about it.

???????????what a bite off

this was like a cheap crappie version of the old WB cartoons. the sound killed me. if not dat is was my boredom!


It was a movie to scratch your head and say interesting..... Good graphics and sound. It's kind of wierd when something good and clean gets on portal it's slammed and insulted. I guess those people are just a bunch of masterbating queers who have no life. go figure. good job any way.

Waht are you getting at?

It looks as if he's trying to say that something is like beating a dead horse, but he doesn't say what that something is. At first, I thought that he was going to give the horse some FDA.