Reviews for "An AHWW Faerie Tale"

It sucked monkey balls

that was the most stupidest thing I havge ever saw.
It is a piece of shit.
Why in the hell did you make.

D Chi

What the hell was that? Was there a point to this movie? I think I just wasted a few minuets of my life watching this. Its so freakin slow. If it weren't 3 and i was going to bed I would be mad, but this is putting me to sleep. Don't watch it, you'll just get bored.


Okay, I figure that you wanna show long shots and all, and that you wanna be like Kishlovski or Kubrick, but it just ain't working. When Kubrick filmed a man sleeping for full 6 hours, he had a point behind it. You...you just show a man beating a dead horse. I mean...come on... get a meaning behind it, and MAYBE it can get a 3, MAX.

You obviously got a lot of talent, so why do you waste it?

crap dont waste your time

the worst

Play again? You cant do anything!

This is the beginning of a migraine headache. Same sounds over and over and over. It dragged. What a waste of time for viewers. Mind you if you do drugs this is a GREAT portal. Nothing for the mind to grasp.

Nehi responds:

I see everyone is getting the point behind this, then...