Reviews for "An AHWW Faerie Tale"

This on Portal?

I have only one thing to say to you:
WTF is this YS!


It started looking promising... The textmessages were on a bit too long most of the time, wich didnt actually make the score go up. Then I saw the (ugly) landscape. You seem to have put in some effort making that man, so how the hell can you make a landscape like that!? Then he started whipping that horse... That was kinda lame, and just as you didnt think a movie could possibly get worse, it just go on for a loooong (boring) while, and then he got a rock in his head. Thats the only part i would normally have smiled, if it wasnt for the bad first impression wich pissed me off! You can do better than that!


Since, this was a rebuttal to an inside joke.. I see that the actual beating of the dead horse should be long and annoying.. because alas .. that is precicely what occurs when one beats ones dead horse...But, for our veiwing pleasure it did drone on~~~~ The rock from the Wolf Gods was sorely appreciated... and if I had a gun I'd have shot me a few of those happy singing larks..
But I really liked the concept, the font, the graphics... Don't waste your talent beating dead horses..
Sincerly Yours,

What the hell was that?

That...........was the mst stupid flash movie ever. What the hell were you thinking? It's idiots like you who are making it harder for Tom Fulp and the rest of the NG crew to get more proplr on here. It's people like you who are going to make Tom Fulp charge us every fucking time we visit NG! You waist my time with this stupid shit? I would love to make a flash movie and due you in every way but I need more gb's which means a new hard drive. WOOPDIE DOOOO! Anyways stop sending in shit like this its pissing everyone off and its not making my day any better.


that was overall the most pointless thing i have ever seen in my entire life. 43% of that entire movie was the guy ripping ass and the other 57% was him beating a horse i think over 50 times.