Reviews for "An AHWW Faerie Tale"

ha ha

he hit the dead horse omg thats funny =/


The little biker guy was funny enough by himself. The dead horse with the buzzing flies was funny enough by itself. The action cracked ne up! I actually laughed out loud! You should have had something else happen. I kept waiting for something new. The sequence took too long. It still made me laugh, so you get the points!

What is the meaning?

Even with all my English expertise, I could not decipher the meaning or intent of this movie. But I digress, I only wish to say: WTF???

Bird Whistle

Okay...now that the fucking bird whistle sound file has driven me to bash my nose out the back of my skull I will rate your little movie a lowly 1 and return to my life as it were before this whole horrible ordeal.
Translation: "I would have rated this movie higher but the senseless repetition of the bird call pissed me off."

ok.. I get it..

Beating a dead horse.. oh yeah.and to the previous guy or girl that rated your movie.. try looking up the back ground of something before you make a judgement on the statement it's trying to make.. I hate it when people pretend to be smart by spouting obscure referrences that have very little to do with the subject at hand.. just ignore them..:) I liked it..