Reviews for ".:Soulless:."

Absolutly Stunning...

This may have been posted just of shits an grins, but this song is awesome!

Truly souless

This song is truly awsome


This Is Powerful, Something New 4 a Change, Keep It Coming Ight.........?


Really wonderful work,it express and contamin you with a wonderful cocktail of emotions. I really can't believe that the new version is better!


Took me well over a minute to start getting into it, but when I did, it was fantastic. Love the guitar pieces and the little vocal pieces in the background are a nice effect too. Hard to find anything wrong with it. Keep up the awesome work, and much love to you. <3

Crueldeity responds:

lol seriously, my remade one is so much better! check back for it in my latest submissions! thank you btw! lol