Reviews for ".:Soulless:."

drawn in within the first 30 seconds.....

and kept getting better!
this is an amazing piece
im gonna go and listen to the rest of your work now
keep it up: givn a 5

Oh My Goth

I am not goth but i am learning ( lol so far i have learned from "Goth Lyfe" on NG) but if this is realy goth music then yah i should be goth. So any one who wants to help this goth on a stick, pm me and HELP.

this song is awesome

you do good stuff man keep it up and this inspired me for a caracters on a game

i not...

im not goth but thats is fucking awsome man oh your lucky this is my first music review XD 10/10 for that !!!!!

Holy S H I T ! ! ! !

ive heard a lot of crap ,but this isnt...