Reviews for ".:Soulless:."


wonderful pice indeed


Very blah in the beginning and almost X'ed out of it since I tend to look for remixes more than originals, however LadyAurin below convinced me to stay listening to it. I was very impressed by how it picked up. However my ears hurt now because I have my headphones up too loud. =x Keep it up.


I'm usually a harsh voter, but I can't honestly say anything against this.
I loved the beginning, and the transition was perfect from the beginning to the more intense parts, and back. It kept me listening to it. The length is perfect - it's a full length, and, yes, epic piece. I recommend it highly. I think it'll be the first I add to my favorites, too.

Oldie but goodie...

Starts out a little blah, but you went on and did one of my favs I'm a sucker for: chanting in the back...then picking up around the 2nd minute mark...yeah, good stuff. Classics never die.


I'm completely entranced by your range of chords and how melancholy this tune came out. Simply a fantastic song and i love how it picks up around 2 minutes.
I faved this beast and you good sir.