Reviews for ".:Soulless:."

To freakin awesome

Man that was fuckin awesome, this is the kind of music I love blasting in my room to annoy the folks ROCK ON \m/


dude, this freakin rocks. very cradle of filth/ children of bodom. this is what goth rock is all about. dark, powerful and fucking awesome. now i remember why i became goth. and i disagree, i quite liked the drums, and as a drummer its summink i appreciate.

Its final.

Most amazing song I've heard in my life.



This is INCREDIBLE work I've never heard anything like this before You GOTTA keep up this work!!

Crueldeity responds:

dude, listen to the new version! it's way better!!!

Very dark

It actually sounds like something I would hear in Diablo for much of the song, which is one reason I fell in love with this song immediately from the first note. This song's pretty epic dude, except I don't like the drums used. The rhythms fit, the drums just sound kinda low quality to the rest, but it's not too bad. The song is still sweet.