Reviews for "99K"

and its hard to believe its only 99k!!

and its short and sweet. how you did it, i got no clue. but its very good. alot of humor and violence with the dragon made me crap my pants. good movie and keep it up


Fuck you all, I loved this movie.

That lil guy is sweet. He was like

Whoa, Me times 2 = Tha end of tha world. KILL IT!

Lmao, that was great. I know tha animation was jus one level above stick figure, but I liked tha lil round dude, he made me smile. =]

This movie gets all my 5.

But uh, that mini game in the beginnin can only hold my attention for so long.



It's just so good to see someone submitting a good piece of work without going over the top on bandwith. It must have taken you SO long to weedle it down to 99k I am very impressed :o), are their any hidden blank frames and the like in their to balance it to exactly 99? ;o)

gel responds:

Thanks, actually I created the movie unoptimized and when I hit ~100K, I went back and smoothed out the curves. Quick and easy!


I have to say under 99k this movie is awesome! I Really liked it alot and the animation was pretty sweet! I think you should keep putting out more of these shorts! There Really good! Much Kudos on making this!


I dont get why i likd it but i thought that little guy was soooo cool it was funny but i dont know exactly why. That was wierd