Reviews for "99K"

under 100k man now thats compression

and still sounds and looks good....nice work man not to many people can do that...mine is just barely done and im up to 2mb give or take a kb 0_o man is it hard to do it. u are a flash guru.

All this in under 100kb

Very impressed, alot better than some of those 6meg pieces of shit that go for just as long.


What a extremeley original piece and better than most flash's even though it's still under 100k anyway i loved it you are very talented thanks

Very nice

Showing people that this is possible is very nice. But it's not very helpful unless you actualy explain to them how to do it!! A tutorial maybe?

Loved it.

Extremely fluid, and very funny. Its hard to find such fluid animation with such good graphics nowadays. Make some more like this plz.