Reviews for "99K"


its really good, and gelatin, make a sequel to this, PLEASE!!!

That was awesome

Great stuff especially for only 99k!
Lots of fun!

this was only 99K??

this was good and it was only in 99K.you need to make more.this is one of the best movies i have seen in a long timer and all are more then 99k!!!!!GOOD JOB!!! MAKE MORE


You have proved, yet again, that you are one of the best animators on this site. You should definitely continue in this, and send in MANY MORE ANIMATIONS. If you are ever looking for a voice for an animation i would be more than happy to do one, just to let you know. You could just email me at SchimmeyLee@comcast.net

Cute little Flash.

I loved this thing. A cute, funny movie. The animation had a sort of charming simplicity, and the sound effects were cute. Also, it was amazing to cram so much inot such a tiny file size! Excellent work!