Reviews for "99K"


That was great, the sounds were real cute and the guys were to. Was that bit where the speech bubble came up a "homage" to Xiao Xiao 7, 8 or 9 cos ther is something like that in there. Anywayz keep up the good work. that was cool!!

gel responds:

Nah, I've seen that thought bubble thing on tv cartoons for decades (e.g. Looney Tunes). They are the masters and pretty much all comedic action-oriented cartoons are using what they first established 50 years ago. I did notice Xiao Xiao had the thought bubble, so did Paper Warz...


That is so cute... I love it!!!
Great work...
Make MORE!
Make them even cuter too..

(different colours comes to mind too)


very nice! that was 99k? wow.


that was great! it was etter than a lot of the big files!

99k Sweetness

A great flash movie, regardless of it being under 100k. That's just the icing on the cake. Cool style of art too. Congrats.