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Story Tag 1

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Author Comments

The first in an ongoing series of totally different cartoons. Story Tag is a multi-author, round robin type of cartoon. One person starts it, another person continues, and the cartoon keeps going until someone ends it. The only rule is that you have to keep in the same style as the first part. The rest is up to each animator.

Story Tag 01 is the product of two authors: Gel and Dustball. So is Tag 02 (in progress). Tag 03 is being worked on by Gel and Babdon. Tag 04? Hasn't been started yet, so if you want in, all you have to do is email me (Gel) or any of the other animators and we will consider doing a Story Tag with you. You can start the Tag or continue an existing one. The only criterion is that you have some animation online as an example of your work.

Story Tag 02 is much longer and very different from Tag 01 (it has a real story). That's the beauty of Tag; anything is possible and you can do it too! (Go ahead and do it amongst yourselves if you wish, but make sure you mention where you got the idea, from me and Dustball.)

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That was rather odd, but still very entertaining. The best part is probably the goofy voice. You know how to make good atmosphere. So does the cartoon. I admit it doesn't seem to have much point. It's still quite watchable. The music's nice.

I like how slowly the action builds up. It was kind of unique for you guys. I always like that. Maybe it could have used more sounds. I like how goofy it is.


it was weird but i liked it


random very random

Is that guy Semi-Retarded?

It was pretty good, Iiked it.I see a video game made out of this, then again I have no life. You decide.


I liked this submission! It was really funny. I think the best part was at the end, although, as stopmotionclay said, it is kinda pointless... but isn't
everything fun on the net just pointless?