Reviews for "Story Tag 1"


senseless destruction is always fun. complaint is that the movement of the mouth when the person talks is to jerky and u don't pucker your lips when u talk that much

thank u
ih bih

Ha ha, cool concept

That's a great concept, I like the idea. Visuals were pretty cool, I liked the changing of seasons and all the cool weird crap that happened to his house. Nice audio for what was there, it did it's job. And nice style, the movie didn't go too fast or too slow. Nice job, it's pretty cool.

It made no sense and was stupid

Evenb though it made no sense and was stupid...I LOVED it. SOOOOOO good.

I like to sit.

I'm dead.

Great stuff, I really like your style.


i like to sit too. dose this mean i will die and go to heaven and sit.