Reviews for "Story Tag 1"

Pretty deep man. . .

Just a little too slow, but it was funny, I'm gonna watch it again.

Made me chuckle a bit. Lovely, sweet ending.

The idea is one that I've wanted to do myself for a while but haven't for lack of organisation and others to do it with. When I was thinking about it though, I wanted to do it with many folk each doing only 1 bit.

Anyway, the review...

Overall, it was amusing, made me chuckle and had seamless transitions. The presentation was lovely and I admired the way you made the in-movie credits come up on 2nd viewing.

Both of you seem to have a vast magnitude of ideas and talent at your disposal, something that really comes across here.

I liked your little easter egg, and the 'I'm dead' bit. I did find, though, that on some presses, some frames of the lip animation would be skipped for some reason. He would pucker his lips on 'like' and his lips would stop moving on the 'k' of 'like'. That only happened in later scenes and seemed to happen consistently in those scenes for me.

The 'normal' - non-easter-egg utterances were lip-synched perfectly.

The progression of the story seemed logical (within its own logic if you see what I mean) and I really like the fact that there seems to be no conflict between your storytelling. It's astonishing how well the whole thing gels together (pun not intended, if you call that a pun).

The quality of animation is not nearly as high as some of your other pieces (both of you) but it seems you had fun making it and it shows through. It's certainly more than functional and has its own positive attributes.

The story itself - I really enjoyed. To start with, the random violence did make me chuckle a tiny bit as a sorta non-sequitar with the pleasant scene. The passage of time became increasingly absurd and just when I thought 'it's all gonna fall apart at the end', you brought it all together wonderfully, making a rather sweet ending of a slightly macabre tale.

Is that Dustball's voice?

I like the short sequence of music notes at the end and the presentation seemed nice and cheerful too.

God Dammit!!!!

Ahhhh! The story is too complex!!!!


great, im not going to have any spoilers

hahahaha this is a must watch.

done it again

well you have done it again anther amazing animation, how you do it i may never know