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Ok. I changed aeris' and yuffie's faces, although, they're still not that good. I did them quickly. I added sound, though it's kinda crap, i need to get my songs from one computer to another before i can get some decent songs on my flash. At the end i added 3 pictures i have been working on, there will be more to come soon. I just need some time to make it into a movie, rather than a slide show. Enjoy

Right, let me begin. This is my first attempt at a proper flash movie, and i didn't even intend it to be one. ok, the reason why there's no sound on it (yet) is because i did it on one computer, which has no music (and no internet), so the only way to get it online was to put it on a disk and upload it from another computer.

I'm a noob at Flash, which is why it's so basic, just animation and motion tween, but i hope you'll atleast enjoy the art. If it's appreciated enough, i'll do a enemies one, with people like; Sephiroth, hojo, the turks and rufus. I wouldn't be too suprised if it gets blammed, but i hope it won't as it's my first movie.

Anyway, enjoy the art and tell me what you think.

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Well i see best but i love the change Cloud-Zack one question Where is SEPHIROTH????

it was kool!

IDK what to rate it Ahhhh!
but ummm.... you like cid i take it.
-_- hes in all the ffs.
....But It stell was cool.


cid was the best one u made lol

Not bad man

Not bad just try and get the graphics better.


The art was kinda bland I found... you should have added more to it like backgrounds.. maybe shading.. using a smaller sized brush...
It seems like there are so many better choices for songs you coulda used. And then the song ended before the flash was even finished.

Also I agree with the previous reviewer... no Sephiroth? I mean come on. lol
And Rufus along with the Turks woulda been cool also.

Next time spend more time on your artwork. If it's a flash meant to show off still drawings, they better be pretty damn well good! XD
Otherwise make an account on deviant art and put your artwork there.

That said, Kadaj is hawt.

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Apr 29, 2003
5:02 PM EDT
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