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Forest Shack ( Prototype )

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Author Comments

This forest that you have lived in for so long isn't as safe as it used to be


Forest Shack v1.5, final version of Forest Shack

Welcome everyone,

I'm Hati Valcoran and I'm trying to learn Pixel Art, Coding and Game Development by doing, and in that spirit I present to you: Forest Shack.

A little tale about how the place you call home can slowly become dangerous and claustrophobic.

This is a version prepared for the Halloween Spooktacular, for the next month I will improve it further into its final form based on the feedback that you all give me.

I offer my thanks to everyone who gave their time to playtest the previous versions, and especially to Template88 whose guidance and help have been invaluable.

I hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to click the archer before leaving if you make it to the end.

Patch log

v1.0.1 Hunters might no longer accidentally skip the tutorial by being bested by a rat. In their defence, they were two rats.

v1.0.2 The bow is no longer forcing people to prove that they are worthy by besting its pixel perfect collision to earn the right to purchase it.

v1.0.3 The collision mask size for the idle sprites of the small monsters has been increased, so they can't just juke our hunter's efforts to target them with a little wiggle.

v1.0.4 I am not naming any names, but someone didn't notice after a rollback to solve a game breaking bug that the third line in the bandage tutorial was missing. Me. It was me. 

v1.1 Many quality of life improvements, also went overboard in hunting the losing-bow-upgrade bug and added in a check every second of in-game time.

Now even if the sky is breaking, and the stars are falling, our hunters won't end facing the nightmares that await them without their hard earned weapon by their side.

v1.5 Is live! 

This is the final version of Forest Shack. 

Taken an entire dimension out of twinkie-adjacent space by carefully increasing its resolution, I thank you all who played it so far, and to all of you who wrote the positive and constructive reviews that have helped me improve it to this point.

I will not be improving on it any further beyond possible bug fixes because if I did, just who would make Forest Shack 2?

Enjoy your nights, and don't forget to suspect any innocent-looking deer. 

v1.5.1 There have been more new players after the final version than expected. 

So to celebrate 10,000 players I addressed a common complaint. 

And fed the crosshairs some baby back rat ribs!

v1.5.2 To celebrate our 11 thousandth player, I made a subtle changes to healthbars.

They should be more visible against the forest background.

1.5.3 Yes, still thinking on an update. (Not anymore.)

1.5.4 It looks like this is it. Our final update to celebrate players coming to try Forest Shack.

To improve text readability, I made it smaller. When that didn't work, it took some effort, but I designed a script to add a black outline!

It'll make the tutorial far easier to read. 

I thank all of you again, I am rather happy to see that my first public game reached almost fifteen thousand people and had such a warm reception despite its many twinkiesque flaws.

Have a good night hunters, until we meet again in Forest Shack 2. 

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Very nice sound design! I love the chill but scary gameplay!

Kinda scary honestly lol

cool this made me sub to you

I'd prefer to kill the human things for money. Otherwise fine.

HatiValcoran responds:

You'll have more chances to kill humanoids in Forest Shack 2!

I would give it a higher ranking if it wasn't for the fact I got softlocked 2 times, it's pretty addictive and I enjoyed playing it.

HatiValcoran responds:

I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it! I'm sorry about the softlocks, it is a little clunky as I was learning the bare basics as I went.

I'm currently working on Forest Shack 2, and I'm trying as best I can to keep the player from getting stuck due to failures in my design, play-testing every map as it is ready.

Send me a message here on newgrounds if you would like to try it! I'm in need of beta testers, and having an extra pair of eyes to find these issues early is a great help.

Well, got soft locked 3 times (no one attacks), other time the bar just did not went up, even with enemy clicked...

HatiValcoran responds:

Curses and dingos. Thank you for the report, I'll make sure this bug isn't carried over to Forest Shack 2.

Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2021
2:00 AM EDT
  • GameMaker Studio