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Daxolissian System: Espionage

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Earcandy 5 Points

Check out the credits

Embark 5 Points

Start spying

Infiltrate 10 Points

Enter the complex

Astray 25 Points

Bomb the base and head out

Confrontation 25 Points

Defeat the fighters

Deathtrap 50 Points

Bedevil the silos

Unreality 100 Points


Author Comments

Chrome is recommended unless sound effects are choppy, in which case use Firefox. Music should play well in all browsers now, but if you have issues use M to mute.

If you're struggling with the flight sim, this flight tutorial might help, and here's a video showing a level 1 flythrough.

Featuring music from NewGrounds musicians who participated in the Video Game Music Challenge with big thanks to Everratic for running the challenge. Check out the in-game credits to see and hear the tracks with links to the musicians' sites, and the VGM challenge page with the other participants -- there's a lot of music there that's awesome but didn't fit this game's theme. If you find any musicians you like, the Follow thing will make any new stuff they publish show up at the top of your frontpage when you log in so you don't miss it. If you want to use any of the music in this game for anything then contact the musician(s) who made it.

The game-switching mechanic is based on this code I set up to make it possible to share save data across multiple games, even if they're made with different game engines, so game devs could potentially pull off multi-game collabs of cross-interacting games. Then I found out how hard it is to actually run that kind of collab in practice ^,^ I don't have the leadership skills to pull that off but I went ahead and made a couple of games on completely different engines and mashed them together into a collab of my split personalities. If anyone's brave/foolish enough to try to run such a collab of game devs then I'd be happy to help.

I also made my first Godot Engine game which happens to be a slick 3D flight sim. I wasn't sure it would be possible with an HTML build in Godot but I guess it is. If anything seems wonky about the physics, or if you're just curious about it, check my post about the physics -- what seems funky might actually be how physics really works. If you want to make stuff with my 3D models and can use Blender then go ahead and download the .blend files here. I'm expecting the Clock Crew to make a feature length movie with them that hauls in over $60M at the box office tbh.

It also uses ESDF instead of WASD so AZERTY keyboard folks don't rage at the contrails, and just rage at how hard the game is. And as my final bit of coding wizardry, I made it so you don't have to click the game canvas to give it focus before you can start playing, the game automagically takes the focus as soon as it's loaded so you can just start playing, and for the Godot component you can just press enter to Continue if you have a saved game or start a New Game if you don't. You saved a whole mouse click! Just imagine all the mouse clicks that could be saved if every web game were to implement that trick...

Background images are courtesy NASA / JPL-Caltech. Specifically, the Godot levels' background is an artistic representation of TRAPPIST-1d, appropriate for this game because the TRAPPIST-1 system has the largest known number of exoplanets within its habitable zone so is the closest in reality to the fictional Daxolissian System. And it's extremely cool, like everything related to IRL spaceflight.

And last but not least, there's a bonus level as a small "thank you" to NewGrounds supporters. It's not mandatory in order to complete the game or collect all medals.

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Nice simulator

This was a nice simulator wish the control system was easier to understand does take time though You have really established a decent good quality of a game here there was some nice detail nice effects and even better visuals so nice job on those efforts on things, I realized it was alot better then I had expected and really grew on me So as I start to end this review the game itself gets better and better throughout, it was a fun simulator


i never managed to get past the beginning ditch but it was a blast crashing the plane, amazing!

3p0ch responds:

Thanks! I didn't have any sort of tutorial on realistic flight controls in this game and it seems like most people aren't born knowing how to fly so I started making a prequel game that would include a tutorial on how to fly.
Even with that tutorial people were still saying it was too hard so I haven't fleshed that prequel out into a full game, but maybe it could help with getting used to playing this one.

Absolutely brutal - but very enjoyable after getting over the very challenging difficulty curve in getting started. Very interesting code to make the game saves work across different game engines.

got used to the controls ( a little) but still enemies just shoot me out of the sky after a while no matter what. some health drops or shields or anything really would help out.

3p0ch responds:

The opening screen for the fighter level has the main clue about how to take them on: the Kilpin fighters are more nimble, but you have a higher top speed and firing range.

Edit: Or if you're talking about the level where you blow up the complex, shooting missiles at the anti-aircraft guns before they have much time to do damage should get you through. The main clue for that level is that missile range = your ship's lights range, and you have to be lined up facing the target to have missiles lock on.

control is hard

3p0ch responds:

It takes some getting used to if you haven't played flight sims before. If seeing a walkthrough would help: https://www.newgrounds.com/projects/movies/1611125/preview

Credits & Info

3.22 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2021
8:28 AM EST
  • Blender
  • HaxeFlixel
  • Audacity
  • Godot Engine
  • Gimp
  • BFXR