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"The caveman named Plonk, dedicated to the rustic painted ad business, will see a job opportunity where he will have to deal with his abusive supervisor."

"El cavernícola Plonk, dedicado al negocio de anuncios rústicos, verá una oportunidad de trabajo en la que tendrá que lidiar con su supervisor"


"Plonk" is my graduation film. I wanted to represent through comedy the oppression and abuse that all young creative people have to deal when having the opportunity to work in the industry; The fear to lose the job and that you have to suck it up to keep it.

But also, as an answer to this, I wanted to inspire the ability to rebel to the abuser because enough is ENOUGH.


Instagram: http://instagram.com/lordchalecus

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LordChalecus

Contact: chalecus.contact@gmail.com

© David Barra 2020

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really cute, love the look

Chalecus responds:

Thank you!

Those symmetrical scenes really took this to another level. :) Plot progression's maybe not entirely obvious all the way but it's cool you manage to follow along without real speech for the most part, and the style's a fascinating one! Appreciate the frame by frame too, feels like a lot of work went into each bit. What a trip.


Duckcynical's Rating System
Animation Style: 3/4
Background Music: 3/4
Comedy: 3/4
Wackiness: 4/4
Sound Effects: 1/4

Total score: 14 (7 because there are 5 categories)

This cartoon really reminds me of these cartoons which contain characters that cannot speak. The animation is great, Tho the sound effects feel random sometimes, for example there was a plunger effect when a character was pulling somebody out even tho he wasn't finished


Chalecus responds:

Thank you!