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Reviews for "PLONK"

I like your style, and I thought the story was mostly understandable until the last scene, I'm ashamed to admit I don't really get the ending. Sound effects were mostly great, and I like the art style.

Chalecus responds:

Aw man! Sorry to lose you right at the end! But I'm really glad you had a fun ride!

Now this was inspirational.

Chalecus responds:

Wow really?! I'm so glad you found inspiration on this! I'm glad you liked it!


I hope you got the highest marks for this graduation film. So well-put, so clean, everything is executed perfectly! :) More, please, more! ^_^

Chalecus responds:

Hahaha! Sadly, I didn't get the highest marks bc I was getting a degree as a graphic designer so a lot of other stuff was considered when the commission of teachers were evaulating the whole project. Stuff like the editorial design of the investigation that I made to justify the shortfilm, and things on that line. With that said, the shortfilm was THE thing that they praise the most without negative comments. But most importantly, I got the degree and I can work internationally now!

Thank you a lot for your sweet comments~ I really appreciate it! And who knows, maybe if this goes well and I can find some funding I can make more episodes! The future will tell~

Thank you again! <3

This feels like an adventure. Excellent job

Chalecus responds:

Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it!