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Soul Not Found

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Author Comments

Soul Not Found is an incremental game with idle and offline progress!


Necromancer who has just lost the great war is ready to rebuild his armies and fight his way back to the top. In the process, he finds his conscience and is changing his way of life to become a righteous necromancer together with his willing dead.


  • 6 undead units;
  • 10+ unique skills;
  • 75+ trophies/achievements;
  • Idle and Offline progression;
  • Premium Theme unlocked by reaching all trophies (or having Coil membership);

Full Version

This is the Game Jam Edition which I made for js13kgames jam which requires your game size not to exceed 13312 bytes (essentially, an empty Word document).

I'm working on a full version of the game! You can join the waitlist and my discord server to be the first to play it!


  • Cash, crowned skull, swords emblem, padlock, bookmarklet, trophy, haunting, grim reaper, evil bat icon by Lorc under CC BY 3.0;
  • Yin yang, mummy head and vampire dracula icon by Delapouite under CC BY 3.0;
  • Death skull icon by sbed under CC BY 3.0;

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Reset and Trophies seem to be broken. Steps to reproduce:

1) hard reset for a clean slate
2) note down skeleton defense (observed: 590%)
2) wait until you have some (~50) skeletons
3) attack
4) put all skill points into Defense, check skeleton defense - goes down by 2.5% as expected
5) some trophies will unlock on their own; note down trophy modifier, compare with skeleton defense - trophy modifier has no effect; expected: trophy modifier has effect, as per help text
6) pick Skeleton skill, dump all money into it, wait until you have some more (~300) skeletons
7) attack until level 10, keep putting all points into Defense
8) note down final skeleton defense (observed: 567.5%)
9) Reset
10) note down skeleton defense (observed: 590% on Newgrounds, 587.5% on itch.io) - expected: AT MOST 567.5% (because Trophy bonus is also missing)

Tested in Firefox 111.0.1 (64-bit), Win10 x64 22H2 19045.2728 both on itch.io and here.

How about giving player ability to disable some auto-generators for bonuses?

It would logistically make sense if player was given an option to keep he's exp ghosts out of battle so they could generate more and more exp.

Aside from stats that are present the game could also allow spending skillpoints on gold or exp bonuses not just attack and defense.

I want to do "skeletons only run". Do I have to unlock all achievements for next tiers?

Calm becomes useless after leveling defense enough.

Does color of souls matter?

plz responed

Bloody amazing. I love it.

Love it. Other than some minor balancing it looks perfect. Great concept, and I love the simplicity of it. I found that when you wait a day and get 38.7K skeletons you can do some damage, and the Necromancer and Learning upgrades seem a little short to base upgrades like Wrath and Calm, and the mob improvement upgrades look to be about in the middle. In terms of balancing It actually looks pretty darn great, and especially for a jam. I love how it doesn't throw things in your face, or be too boring, and I'll say that I love the duality between necromancy and fighting. When it comes to the higher units they aren't very worth it to generate, so adding a bit more health to the vampire, or having reapers generate more skeletons, or giving dragons more health would be great for balancing main game. Trophy section looks great, and I can't wait to see what you add. The only thing that I would change is adding some music or ambience sounds. Take your time though, I understand that making games takes motivation and effort, and is a difficult thing to do. Take my opinion with a grain of salt too, because I haven't explored too much and looked for too long (I've been playing for 2 days), and stay true to what you want to do. Last thing is considering the reset, I loved it. I think most games with that kind of system take too much from you to give you a couple, or even just one thing in return. I didn't see that (or the opposite) in this game at all, and I love how this went with it. Great game, and a good execution of an amazing concept.

Edit: Prosperity is a very strong late game.
Edit, the sequel: So I've been playing more and found that I need to grind a lot to make the reapers and vampires useful, and that they seem underpowered compared to skeleton and zombie based builds where you have a lot of numbers.
Edit, the trilogy: So I just got all the medals and without spoiling anything i just wanna say I love the effort you put into that, and it feels very rewarding to get that and the bonus that you get is very nice. Also I take back what I said, Necromancy and Learning are what I've done for every build and are very useful. Also Bone Dragon and Zombie ugrades, as Bone Dragons ability is so strong, and when Zombie is high enough, you can basically kill anything. Doing a Reaper-Skeleton dual build can also be madness if you get high enough. If you want unit ideas, I thought "Right Click to Necromance" had a very simple but effective unit style, so you could draw some inspiration. *spoiler* I also like the symbols better than the emoji's, but that's my personal opinion. So thank Lorc, Delapouite & sbed for me. and Thank You for making this little gem.

MartinTale responds:

Ah, you have put a lot of effort into this review! Thank you so much and I'm glad you enjoyed it so far :)

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2020
12:43 PM EDT