Jesus in... The MATRIX

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Yes yes, i know. Before i say anything, constructive criticism please, dont just say you suck balls. I know i suck balls, i dont need you to tell me. There WILL be a part 2, however if you flame me constantly, i wont be inclined to put ANY effort into it as opposed to the oodles of effort i put into this one. Part 2 will be the intense cleverly animated battle scenes with guns, gore, violence, cursing, and gay jokes.

Since many of my reviews seem to revolve around you fucking suck i hope you die or something of the ilk, ive decide to not only continue making me movies but to make Pt. 2 anyway just to piss you off. In addition id like to say that i have had sex with each and everyone of of your girlfriends/wives, the people i'm talking to know who they are. They were great but you wouldnt know as i know for a fact they dont let you touch them. Good day.


Could be better.

Fix the audio and the animation, other than that it would be good.

A bit bad, no offense.

Don't mean to offend you, but it really isn't that great.

Graphics: You should try practicing with flash a bit more, get in the hang of it.

Style: This is off. I don't understand the beginning at all.

Sound: I understand you have a shitty, craptacular mic and recorder, so do I. Therefore, I'm giving mercy on this.

Violence: Not that much violence. Should work on some of that, it's what pumps the teenage blood.

Interactivity: This isn't a game, obviously. This isn't going against the overall.

Humor: Some were funny, and some were just plain gay. Try figuring out more good jokes.

BTW, before you go cussing your ass of at me and going all "WAI DONT U MAKE A MOOVIE AND I JUDGE", I'm only being a hard critic so you can identify your mistakes and improve them. If you were to make a sequel, and sharpened up this before you started making it, it would be getting more 7-8s instead of 0-5s.


Haha well i did find this somewhat entertaining, the artwork and backrounds could use more effort such and shading and detail, aswell as some smoother animation, i like the idea, and could be much better, hope to see more sometime...

More effort on the art, and better animation...

Funny and entertaining, but could use more effort...



Well....I like the idea....but the graphics aren't very good....I did like the bullet though.....

very good

i liked yor little metal gear solid parody
Keep up the good work

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1.27 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2002
12:54 PM EST
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