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The Making WAVs Collab

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In our ultimate boredom, we came up with a new way to stroke our creative dongles.

Each participant made a secret WAV audio file and sent it to the compiler, Mr. Tart. They were then distributed anonymously to a different participant for them to animate. 

No one knows who got their WAV, nor what madness they animated.

Until now.


visit us at clockcrew.net

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Amazing from concept to end result...GREATNESS

Yes! each of you guys on this collab has funny content, love you guys!
Edit: Nohomo

Woo that Disney bit... is the M rating really enough?

The variation in quality and concept between the WAV is truly remarkable here. What a wave of wonder. A wave to old times, a wave to engulf the world, a wave to bring about a new era of: the great flood.

Good stuff y'all. Interesting to see what greatness y'all put out this month, and if anyone actually makes it the entire way, every day...


Cute 😍

flounderman steals every scene he's in, somebody call the cops


go ahead my dad's the mayor I'll be out in half a day