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Reviews for "The Making WAVs Collab"

dude lookin like naruto uzu maki

brazilclock responds:

who is naruto

RealRedbookClock responds:


joeneato responds:

naruto? naruto!?
jesus christ! naruto!!!!!!

this collab really appeals to the flounderman demographic. A+ 5/5 Gold Star 500 dollars out of steakclock.

That was music for my ears.

I must say that participating in this collab was really fun, I would like to animate a script when you guys made Shuffle the Flash-- sadly I didn't notice the collab joining post so I didn't participate in that one; All the parts were SUPER funny such as Rob's, Thor, Flounderman, Doggo, and Pop tart (all the parts were seriously good and hilarious) my voice cracks sometimes lol I would replace my .wav file but it was too late, Switch Clock did a good job animating my .wav file, I liked the Mickey mouse part. Rob Clock has a nice voice while singing, he should sing more often! So... In other words...

That was Wavtastic!
Nice job everyone and good luck on the flood.