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Reviews for "The Making WAVs Collab"

That was music for my ears.

I must say that participating in this collab was really fun, I would like to animate a script when you guys made Shuffle the Flash-- sadly I didn't notice the collab joining post so I didn't participate in that one; All the parts were SUPER funny such as Rob's, Thor, Flounderman, Doggo, and Pop tart (all the parts were seriously good and hilarious) my voice cracks sometimes lol I would replace my .wav file but it was too late, Switch Clock did a good job animating my .wav file, I liked the Mickey mouse part. Rob Clock has a nice voice while singing, he should sing more often! So... In other words...

That was Wavtastic!
Nice job everyone and good luck on the flood.

this collab really appeals to the flounderman demographic. A+ 5/5 Gold Star 500 dollars out of steakclock.


RealRedbookClock responds:


flounderman steals every scene he's in, somebody call the cops


go ahead my dad's the mayor I'll be out in half a day

Cute 😍