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Dying In Dungeon

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Author Comments

UPDATE: Version 1.1 has been released, focused on gameplay balance and bug fixes.

You can check out the patch notes on itch.io HERE

Let me know what you think!

A small top down dungeon crawler/roguelite where your character class is determined by how you died previously. Made for Weekly Game Jam 130: Dying is Awarded. Can you make it through 15 levels and defeat the boss?


  • WASD to move
  • Left, right, and middle mouse to attack (Alternatively, Q, E, and R)
  • E to interact
  • Space to dodge

Be sure to meet your "death target" so you can upgrade your character on the next attempt!

Music and a good chunk of the sound effects are sourced -- you can check the note in the main game hub to view the sources!

Feedback appreciated!

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ok after playing the game for about30 mins now (jeez :D)
i can tell you my review now
Music - 8/10 "good but could be better"
character design - 6/10 "the character animation of moving is in one direction (bug)"
level design - 8/10 "great level design but not the best"
textures - 9/10 "great textures matches the theme"
gameplay - 10/10 "its a blast :D so addicting"
overall review - 9/10 "good but needs little tweaks"

The game is very bare-bones, but I understand that this is because this game is a 'proof of concept' for a game jam. Yet despite lacking a lot of content it was surprisingly very fun to play.
The dilemma of 'return home with all your loot or keep going but risk dying' is nothing new but this is the first time I've seen it executed in this way. Not only do you have to decide when it gets too hard for you to go on, you also need to plan your death depending on the level. And sometimes you do so well that at the last moment you change your mind and move on to the next level which can get intense.

Again I personally don't think the lack of content in this game very troublesome, but to list some things that come to mind:
No options/settings
No story at all, the demon only has three pieces of dialogue (intro, success, fail)
It's the same 3 (6) enemies over and over again, plus 2 types of traps
It doesnt take very long to unlock everything
Disobeying the demon isn't very punishing, just wastes your time
Fighting against the skellies with the sword is a bit lame
The levels get repetitive (I didn't count but theres just a handful of them)
No real "end" to the game as far as I can see, or any eventful happenings (bosses etc)

I hope you keep updating this game or at least apply this idea to a bigger project of yours. It was surprisingly fun to play.

Played it through twice, just to see if there was a secret boss, or the demon's "Big Brother" or "Parents" come out to try avenging their fallen. No such luck.

That said, it was fun, I enjoyed the game.

Music was good, the character looked like a typical D&D nerd, complete with what I assume were glasses, since nobody I know has pure white eyes. That said, becoming the "dungeon master" twice around was pretty amusing way for me to spend some time.

Pros: Upgrades gave the game a sense of progression, which is always a nice touch. Bit by bit, you get the opportunity to try different styles. Not always do you die the way 'demon wants", but that's because enemies can surprise you. this makes upgrades important because there were times I died without thinking I would. One way or another, you get to select a different style each re-spawn (or have it selected for you), so that's something.

Controls were good, responsive and quick. I liked the enemies too, each had a little variation to them, and different attack styles. it was clear they became stronger as their appearances started to change.

Weapons styles were basically "up close" and "ranged", two of the three had balance between them, sword and bow each with their own strength/weaknesses: Bow is hands down the power weapon of the game, hitting several times while making the enemies come to you. Sword is good for hitting a lot of enemies at once, but won't save you from taking damage, so you have to pick your approach carefully. I'll get to traps in a moment, but for now, lets read onto the cons.

Cons: Every time I hit the mouse wheel, the scroll symbol appeared, so that messed with things (page shooting to the bottom of the screen).
Reaching over to tap R was not an option in the middle of combat when you're directionally moving about, or dodging which rendered you momentarily frame-stuck (though in the case of the dodging, this is fine, expected even): so I'm docking half a star for making accessing the R/Wheelbutton attacks, either impractical to use or inaccessible. (Q or E would have been a better choice for the R attack).

Now onto traps. Traps, while clever kinda just felt like more bow, just slower and therefore useless to me. Honestly, in later stages, enemies just blew right through the traps, and swarmed me, no matter how I used traps: my tactics just became run away while shooting traps at them, which is basically the same as bow, a rose by any other name. Disappointment, another half a star off.

Perhaps a magic/confusion ability to make enemies temporarily fight each other, or summon some sort of minions like golems or undead, would have been better than traps. But this is just my thoughts, your options are otherwise limited in a top down stager, and I get that. Something that either hits up close, or far away, what it boils down to.

If we're going to continue down along the path of either up close or far away styles of damaging the enemy, might I suggest constraints to add some illusionary variation for less perceptive player. For example, a warhammer weapon, slower, but does more damage with a nice wide swing. Or throwing daggers, weaker, but much faster than arrows, throwing several at a time in an arc. A spear, has a nice medium range but can only attack in one direction: maybe some projectile deflection with a spin move?

Money pits needed, if you want people to think their gems are worthwhile, maybe give them something they think they want: Armor styles, character customization which can only be accessed through spending 30 gems or more on "progressively cooler" character modifiers. It'll make the value of the money last longer, and death seem like it's more penalizing if the players don't have the money/lose the money they think they need to unlock their "super cool katanas, trenchcoats and hoodies".

So yeah, there you have it 4 out of 5 stars, plus I personally enjoyed it enough to waste more of my time writing this review, so I'm going to fav this game and hope for future content in updates. Maybe a new weapons, or more level variations? Who knows.

There appear to be no controls for sound, music. Also no save? Not sure. Will update this review when I play the game further later.

kinda good