The Mad Knight

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Watch it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/46WdLMe3xB0

【Author's note】
This was originally intended for ''Madness Day 2019'' but I decided to postpone to make some adjustments
this is an old project that i started back in 2013 originally called ''incident123C'' that i finally got the balls to finish it.
i shelved it several times focusing my attention on fresher and newer ideas, so you might notice a significant variation of quality in the dungeon scene.
i decided to change the name because it had nothing to do with the ''incident123'' plot at all, i also thought about ''Medieval Madness'' but the name was already taken on newground, so i found ''The Mad Knight'' a more fitting title.
A big thanks for Jsoull and Zapchon for the audio support, and a bigger thanks for ''MrDarkminster'' (the main protagonist) and ''YeOldeApple'' (the king) for let me use their OC'S

【Music Used】
0:00 Stronghold - Dark Time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFvMEaS9Nr8
0:23 Gregorie Lourme - Speed Of Sound: https://www.jamendo.com/track/1103299/speed-of-sound?language=en
1:40 Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne - Orc Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxMLxJl9UWg
3:26 Dota 2 - TI Music Pack 2017 Battle 02: https://gamepedia.cursecdn.com/dota2_gamepedia/7/72/Music_The_International_2017_battle_02.mp3
4:10 and 4:32 Phyrnna - Plaisanterie Savante: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktoMv1nd160
4:16 Dota 2 - TI Music Pack 2017 Battle 01: https://gamepedia.cursecdn.com/dota2_gamepedia/9/9d/Music_The_International_2017_battle_01.mp3
5:36 Hearthstone - Main Title: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXxy3Y8daks
6:06 Stronghold - Paranoia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HybZ7nOlaI

【Programs used】
Macromedia Flash 8 (animation)
Swivel (swf to mp4 converter)

【Social Medias】
+FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/GabrielBarschOFFICIAL
+TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Gabriel_Barsch
+DEVIANTART: https://www.deviantart.com/gabrielbarsch
+YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyMrvYL8IU4LAfec-OoRdlw?view_as=subscriber

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Eu quando vejo histórias assim sempre penso no que ocorreu, poderia ter sido uma traição de um rei e ele decide os massacrar ou é apenas a pura encarnação do mal e quer destronar o reino e reinar na glória do reino

Very great submission you've made in flash 8 Gabriel, not bad, in fact i love it!

The ending is fun to Watch!

very great job Gabriel

Pretty good, all things considered, though the plotting was kinda off. Why was the knight doing this? Like, what Minor slight did these knights/the king do to them that justified the wholesale slaughter of the keep? I mean, Hank was slaughtering the entire police department in MC2 because the sheriff banned pie. I don;t expect as justified a reason from the knight, but he still should have had one.
(Also, side-note, I would have given the dickhole thief who stabbed the guard a more unique design, as I thought that first bandanna wearing generic with the double scimitars was him and he was helping the guards now for some reason, was somewhat distracting)

Complaining about plot inconsistencies aside, I did quite enjoy the extreme focus on Melee combat this time around, as while Madness exists in a world where a machete is as effective as a loaded Colt, Proper Melee isn't easy to find for extended periods of time. The properly armored enemies being more of a challenge to beat was also a nice touch, too many madness projects don't have the protag struggle enough with some of the generics.
Also, The Knight's expressiveness was fairly well done, especially in the second half.

To end off, the initial Mace scene was just expertly animated and timed, it was only about 10 seconds but it was the best 10 seconds of the whole thing. While I did feel that after that point, the bodies started feeling less weighty then they should have, it was still an amazing transition. I also do like that he lost, that's also a fun rarity.

mmm, juicy juicy slow-mos. But the slices last like 2 frames, so it feels a bit off. Still a great animation aside from that.

Haven't seen X_TNT in SO long. Can you tell him I said hi, gab?

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Oct 28, 2019
1:59 AM EDT
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