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Reviews for "The Mad Knight"

I love how well this is done, and I love the idea of doing something medieval without guns. It made it unique. Love your animations. Also love the kill counter as well like madness unleashed.

Good animation, ever true to madness... Smooth style too.. But there were a few logistic flaws. At four points in the story, the knights had golden opportunities to kill the mad knight. There were gaps in his defenses, they landed a few hits, or could have been less "plot stupid" if they had any sense of self preservation. The mad knight needs to be "angrier" and "madder" to not allow such openings to exist, otherwise he "should be dead" right now (I am reminded of that time Finn from SWTFA got captured by the rathtar that killed all the other people on the ship, but "not Finn because plot"; that is bad writing). What irked me the most is where they all decided to "grab him" instead of actually just slicing into him, shank him, or backstab him.

But I'm a critic. When I know something is going to be good, I look for the flaws, because for how good it is, I know I'd be overwhelmed by the strengths. All in all, it was a good anim.. I'm going to give you four stars, and withhold the fifth so you have room to improve.

Bro this was GODTIER. The sound effects are also great. So many memes and easter eggs.

Damn, that was one fine ass killing spree here mate, that was fun as hell. Love the fantasy theme ya went with, good old fashion killing with blades then lead. Nicely done here mate

i love everything! also make a sequel and put shrek on it