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Reach for the Star

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1 - Baby steps 5 Points

Completed level 1

2 - Two steps down 5 Points

Completed level 2

3 - Threes company 5 Points

Completed level 3

4 - Two x Two 5 Points

Completed level 4

High Five! 5 Points

Completed level 5

6 - Six is sick 10 Points

Completed level 6

7 - Seven steps to heaven 10 Points

Completed level 7

8 - Eight for infinity 10 Points

Completed level 8

9 - The ninth circuit 10 Points

Completed level 9

Decagon days 10 Points

Completed level 10

Eleven without the seven 25 Points

Completed level 11

Fortnight 25 Points

Completed level 12

Friday the 13th 25 Points

Completed level 13

Future bad omen 25 Points

Completed level 14

Go fifteen on the low key 25 Points

Completed level 15

Happy sweet sixteen 25 Points

Completed level 16

Help for senior year 25 Points

Completed level 17

Independence 25 Points

Completed level 18

Jump for joy 25 Points

Completed level 19

Time to move out 25 Points

Completed level 20

Today is the day to drink 25 Points

Completed level 21

Twenty two, only two to go 50 Points

Completed level 22

Victory is near! 50 Points

Completed level 23

Ze Absolute legend 50 Points

Completed level 24 and the whole game, you absolute madlad

Author Comments

Can you balance all the blocks and reach the star? 24 tricky and fun physics puzzles to unlock!

Reach for the Star is a fun mobile friendly physics puzzle game for all ages.

-UPDATED - 30/05/2019

+ Added re-new medals button, press it once to unlock medals that went awarded correctly.

+ Fixed bug where some medals wont get trigged.

+ Added 24 Newgrounds medals!
+ Tweaked blocks to make them less bouncy
+ Changed game height to remove ugly bars on mobile

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i wish flash was back too=(

A Welcomed difference from the wacky Super Stacker genre, which prob has plenty of U-Tube videos w crazy speed runs. A speedrun through this would be a snail, whilst through Stacker a hare. Where you specifically click on a particular shape, be a corner, or the middle, will have an effect on how it turns, etc. BC all shapes (minus a few levels) originate at the bottom, beneath the straight platform, the game forces you to shift these shapes left/ right. Meaning: No easy click top center go straight up stuff.

Having said this, This is Rage Quit Ville for anybody w/o the patience to deal w/o Checkpoints or infinite "Undo"/"Go Back" buttons. Sometimes, waiting out almost half a minute for a super skinny stick to just STOP moving back & forth, one that you're hovering over a surface far down, and one that just hits the Star ... Well worth it. But if you decide to shave off a few seconds, that could topple the whole structure. Back to square one. And if frustrated, that often doesn't lead to going at it again, slower than before.

My main criticism of this game is that I feel it's too long. Too many levels given the fact that no new mechanics/ features are introduced as you go along. Same same. The only difficulty progression comes in the form of more pieces - with the occasional, unique setup which I feel should be ongoing & consistent. For instance, there is one level where Every Piece/Shape is Super Skinny, which forces you to think/ strategize. It's this lack of any discernible Unique/ Puzzle Design in most of the levels that makes for Quantity over Quality. It feels like a bunch of shapes were thrown in a box, and one just blindly grabbed a fistful and threw whatever at the bottom to play with a lot of the time. Thinking & Strategy are prominent only in the beginning, w the heavy physics that is a True Challenge - and w the intro to the shapes that will be used over and over again.

I wish every level had a Theme: Even a Name. And each and every setup was crafted & polished well, keeping players hooked on Qualitative Gameplay, even w/o introducing any new mechanics. This game has the potential to much better, given the challenging physics introduced, which is already set & done. Hope to see future updates or a sequel that introduces levels w designs that keep one focused and thinking differently again and again each level. You could, say, have a level with a LOT of Circle shapes, a level with shapes that are ALL Tetris-Block shapes, hell, you could have blocks that are all numbers: Say, Level 9 is called "9", with 9 blocks that are literally the numbers 1 through 9. Possibilities are endless here. And if I had already developed the Main Grid Size, the primary setup, the Challenging Physics, etc. - well, that just leaves a lot of room to play & create awesome & clever Levels!!! ~ DoctorThrift

Jamessimo responds:

Firstly, I would truly like to thank you for such a detailed and in-depth review of my game, really means a lot to me.

I agree with a lot of your points about the levels being the same, lack of theme and no new mechanics. Honestly there is no really excuse other than I spent a long time on the engine and realized I had to finish it if only to stop myself from working on it forever. You are totally right that it’s too long and feels like random blocks thrown into a level because that’s what it is.

Some good news is that I am working on a true sequel (remake) for iOS and Android which will address a lot of your points. (Level themes, better level design, blocks will have different weights and so on) and your review has inspired me to push and get it finished! (Working on it part time right now)

One section which I have given great thought about is around the challenge. I have quite a few ideas around time based mechanics but dropped them as I feel the game is super frustrating when a timer is added. Also I like your block suggestions, unfortunately right now the physics engine can’t handle “concave” shapes, (these are shapes like T or C) and can only handle shapes that are convex. I am addressing this but it’s something I may have to drop.
In regards to checkpoints, I will give it some thought around ways I can improve mod-game resetting.

Once The sequel has a decent build I will give you a copy to beta test because I really loved your feedback! Again thank you so much and thank you for playing!

I can't get pass level 22 :(

Not one of my favorites.
Found game nice.
4 stars

excellent game i love the graphics i love it all