Reviews for "Reach for the Star"


-edit: it worked thanks.

Jamessimo responds:


Ok, check the game now and click the Reload Medals NG button in the bottom left corner and this should award you the correct badges.

I am implementing a system that will re-issue medals, as long as the game knows you beat the levels newgrounds will be updated. I will update you when the system is in place.

Thanks for your patience!

It's not terrible, but grabbing the blocks can be erratic. I do like the physics in the game, but it's annoying that they keep spinning while trying to drop the blocks.

A simple yet very good game. Especially the physics is surprisingly well made. the gravity, the momentum etc. It's almost like you were holding these pieces in your hand and placing them. Even the exact point where you initially place the cursor on a piece matters: even a pixel to the left or to the right can make a difference by changing the mid-air angle or the entire rotation, which if you manage to control you can even use to your favor.

Seeing the previous review I intentionally did not finish levels 22-24, "until further notice".
Be sure if you will make an update that it would not harm the progress made by players so far. Also adding a "re-send medals" feature is always a good idea.

Jamessimo responds:

Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback!

Rest assured the 22-24 medals bug has been fixed and should work as normal! I will add a resend medal protocol later in the week (thanks for the tip!)

Again thank you for the rating! Really pumped me up and got my weekend off on the right foot!

Feel free to reach out if you encounter anymore bugs!

this is more like a patience based game than a skill game, I crash my tower by accident more than wrong shape to build up. 3 stars, 1 extra star for no bug.

p.s. level 22-24 medal not working

Jamessimo responds:

EDIT: The bug should be fixed, tested it myself, if you don't feel like re-doing the level I will add some code later in the week to resend badges since I already record your level progress.

Thank you again for the great feedback and have a great weekend!

Thank you for the great feedback! I will investigate the medals bug ASAP.