Reviews for "Reach for the Star"

Blocks are a little too bouncy for my taste

Jamessimo responds:

I have tweaked the blocks in the newest version to make them less bouncy!

Not half bad, But it gets kind of boring after awhile.But it is definitely one of the more polished puzzle games.

・Puzzle is Unique.
・Music is good.

・This game doesn't have any Rating Sistem.
・Music Will Disappear After 1 Loop.

Jamessimo responds:

Thank you for the feedback!

The music is annoying an I am trying to fix it.

I didn't add an internal rating system however I have added medals so you can showoff your progress!

Game is fun, I was able to advance quite a few levels.

Jamessimo responds:

Thats great to hear! I have added badges/medals now! (You will have to re-play the levels to get them unfortunately :( )