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Nihilo- Prologue

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New series. This is the prologue episode before episode one. An exiled knight, Amara, fends off a hoarde of desecrated to save her son.

A bit about this project. Originally concieved probably 2014 and sat...and sat because my skills were not good enough to do it justice. They're still lacking but enough to get the message across.

I'm going to stich these episodes together to make a movie out of it. Story is all completely written just has to be made. Each episode should take...maybe 2 to 3 months to make. This took the longest because I had to redo a bunch of it but it probably look a 1.5 months once I redid it, though I started in August with planning.

Thanks to Bindy for VO on short notice after a bunch of other projects fell through. Also sorry to all as I haven't posted alot for the past yrs because I was trying to get a little better skill lvl.

Also my regular life has been pretty crazy. Parents dying, moving cross country, new jobs etc etc. Living off grid. Took alot of time to setup and whatnot....BUT I'M BACK BITCHEZ!

I have SOOOO many animations that are 80 to 90% done. Some completely finished concepts just needing voice but I havent released them because they are crap frankly.

Anyways....enjoy...or not...I have a compulsion to make this stuff even though I don't get paid for it. If you want to donate feel free.

My patreon is here: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=102503

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Even though the animation is a little choppy I still love it

Kel-chan responds:

Im thinking of turning it into a manga first before working on a larger thing

ooo I love the character art style on the woman! Reminds me of Spirited Away/Princess Mononoke and Moribito.

Please do more!

The animation is pretty good but i think it could use more frames, it's pretty hard on the eyes.

That was pretty Cool, Kind of reminds me of the Dragon Prince on Netflix haha. I got to be honest the Animation is cool, but it can be a little hard on the eyes. Other than that, this has some true potential in my honest opinion . The Characters looked charming the fights look cool and the magic looks pretty sick. Can't wait for episode 1!

Very nice

This film was really nice some really good action some awsome nice effects too you show some impact scenes and visuals some added dialog on this might be a nice addition to it, the backround visuals are amazing and the character designs are pretty good too

No changes as this was a solid piece of animation I look forward to more