Reviews for "Nihilo- Prologue"

This was the prologue...but she dies...before episode one...I am so confused...and I seem to remember in the video game she could not do much...it is nice to know she can fight at least.

Well it took me a minute but I found the game this prologue reminds me of...does anyone remember Ico for the PS2...that game was tough..anyway the premise was not to let the mage die, so when you killed off your mage I had a flash back to all the times I failed at that game.
I hope this clarifies my confusion..

Can't wait to see the rest of the story.

Kel-chan responds:

Amara...the woman here is not the main character. The kid is. But this is not based off any particular game. It's a mix of games like dark souls and shadow of the Colossus


Intro music here really had me thinking of Tintin for some reason. :) The sound quality's really on a whole other level! Animation style... experimentally messy. The motions are great, but these strange texture and solid color combinations again... they do look kinda weird. The longer it goes the more used to it I get I guess, as I start appreciating it more and more, or could it be... it's actually getting better and better...

Either way it's a reaaaally intense intro! When the first arrow hits it jumps to a whole new level. Chills. Holy shit. That ending really really changes everything. Goes from one of those ordinary (but good) chase and fight scenes to something I'm really immersing myself in. Looking forward to the real thing! Welcome back!!!


I thought this was awesome. Maybe not the best animation ever seen on newgrounds, but it had the most important feature a prologue should have; I want to see the next part.
Ill be waiting for it because it seems like a cool story good job on this one.

Kel-chan responds:

I hope I do it justice!

The graphics suck

Kel-chan responds: