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No Name (Update 1.2)

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You must control the unnamed character through all of the levels to reach the end of the game. Collect the golden key to advance forward in the silhouette themed game.

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are you suppose to be able to see your character without having to jump? i like the piano song but this game doesn't appear to be working as in half the screen is completely black (where the character is) if its a platformer that kinda kills it for me

Character keep getting snagged on invisible obstacles on the ground, skips ahead and falls of the edge of platforms.

Ah yes, I remember my "I wanna make a Limbo clone" phase as well :D

This bad boy can fit so many bad design decisions in it - there's this whole design doc instead of tutorial thing, like if you were actively trying to make it as bloated and uninformative as possible, while in fact you could just stop at "Arrows to move".
You shouldn't make wavy terrain if you can't handle your character walking on it - how the game feels is more important than how it looks, especially in the basic moment to moment gameplay.
The death animation is painfully long.
The third level seems impossible to pass (I can't even get to the first hand).
You should learn how to make music not restart with every screen, this will be helpful.

On the plus side, the sinusoidal movement of mice made me chuckle :D

I bet this is newb's work, maybe even your first game, in that case - you still did great, games are complicated beasts, and you''ve decently forced your own to work.
Don't give up, improve whenever you can, learn from your mistakes, and you're gonna be great in no time :)

Hit boxes far too large, controls are unreliable, music choice is poor and a bit repetitive.

The art of the game is Awesome! I just wish the controls were a bit smoother!

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2.25 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2018
6:06 PM EDT