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Author Comments

This game was made in 2 days. There are only 10 short levels, and the game does not save your progress. Enjoy!
Controls: Arrow keys or WASD, X or Spacebar to shoot

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Voltage themed flash. Graphics are very simple, and they could use a fresh coat of paint. Gameplay is all about using electricity to defeat your foes.

its so fun

Here's My Review Of This Game:

The Pros:

Concept: I Think That The Concept Of Using Voltage To Destroy Enemies Is Quite Original. What Makes The Concept Even More Better Is That You Managed To Came Up With It In Only 2 Days. I Would Probably Need WAY More Time To Come Up With This Concept.

Gameplay: You Know, While Playing This Game, I Sorta Felt Like I Was Playing A .io Game, And A Good One! Really, If The Red Enemies Would've Been Players, The White And Purple Obstacles, And The White Shield A Power Up, Then This Game Would Be A Very Good .io Game!

Graphics: Like Said Above, I Felt Like This Is A .io Game. The Graphics Have Also Triggered This Feeling; They're Simple, Yet Not Bad, With Matching Colours. Just Like An .io Game! Also, I Like That Trace Effect When An Object (I.e. Player Or Enemy) Moves.

Music: I Was Going To Say "You Already Know What I'll Say; It Feels Like An .io Game's Music!", But... Nah, The Music Seems More Like Something You Would Hear In A Cave Level Of A Game Or Something Like That. Now, That May Seem Pretty Bad, BUT, Since This Isn't An .io Game, It Actually Fits The Game Pretty Well.

The Cons:

The Final (And Only) Boss: OOF. It's So Easy And So Simple To Beat That It Hurts To Know That It Exist. I Think You Should've Ethier A) Spend More Time On Making The Boss, Or B) Forget About Using A Boss In This Game At All.

A Glitch I Encountered: Here I Was, In (If I'm Not Wrong) Stage 8, The Level Which Has All The Enemies In It: The White Eye, The Red Voltage, The Red Voltage With A Shield, Oh, And Of Course, The Purple Plazma Ball. During Stage 8, The Player Must Half-Sprint Through A White Eye To Then Activate A Switch To Block A White Eye From Launching A Electricity Beam At You. I Did That, And Then A Plazma Ball Comes From The Left Pathway. Seems Like Everything's Normal, Right? Well, Then The Glitch Triggers: I And The Plazma Ball Attack Each Other At The Same Time. The Plazma Ball Gets Destroyed, But... It Seems That Because The Plazma Ball Hasn't Finished Attacking Me Yet, I Got Stuck As A White Blob. The Controls No Longer Responded To Me, Yet Everything Else Was Working. So I Looked Up At The Comments, Hoping That I Wasn't The Only One Who Got The Glitch... But NOPE, I Was The Only One Who Got It. I Was Going To Then Refresh The Page To Then Restart The Game From The Beginning, BUT, Because Of Dumb Luck, I SOMEHOW Got Killed By Another Plazma Ball, Which Is Good, Because I Won't Have To Go Through The Whole Game Again.

The "Story": There Wasn't Much Of A Story Anyways, But You Could, More Or Less, Make One Out From The Final Boss' Dialog. I Think It's Suppose To Be About A Machine Going Rouge And Destroying Every Other Machine It Encounters, And Then, At The End, It's Own Creator. The Story By Itself Isn't Bad, But The Way It Got Executed... Why Do You Find It Out At The Very End? If It's Because Of Dramatic Effect, Then It Should've Been Taken With More Care, Maybe With Cutscenes, Or Maybe It Should've Just Been Abandoned.

If This Was A .io Game, Without Music, Without A Boss, And Without A Story, The Review Would've Been Better. Also, Please Patch That Glitch.

E.O.R. ----CorporationZX

Definetly rage inducing, make the shock more like a temporary shock that stuns them for a sec. Great game!

A great, simple game with heart and potential. A few constructive criticisms:
-I like the voltage gimmick; maybe expand it beyond simple shooting. Also, decrease the time it takes to fire a shot; it slows down the gameplay with little extra challenge.
-Add more of a backstory. Who are you? Where are you? The boss at the end, who is he?

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2018
1:35 PM EDT