Path of Atlon

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Your training is complete!

Now is time for your test!

Update: The accuracy rate for all weapons is increased!
Update 2: Mute/Unmute system fixed, Last Boss Nerfed!

Game made for Lartu's Mini-RPG One Week Jam 2

W A D S to move, J to interact and I to open the menu M to mute
(sorry non-QWERTY keyboard players :/)

Game made By Roberto Romão

About SoundTrack
Chasing Villains
Grumpy Monster Sorcerer
Some Faraway Place
Their Secret World
Eric Matyas

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I have been a fan of your work ever since "a shard of mine." If you can remember (you can't) I left a lenghty review there. And since this has a lot of reused assets from there, I'll do the same here. (of course that has a lot of reused assets from Luna's Heart, but that's more an unfinished beta of "a shard of mine" than anything. Although the tree art was better. Just saying.) Unfortunatley, this seems to be just that. An unfinished beta of what probably will be a far better game. There's potentional. Lot's of it. But I would prefer a shard of mine to this any day.

Please note that I'm going to be judging this from two perspectives. I'm going to rate it as a game made for a 7 day game jam, then as a full game project devoid of any time constraints. The star rating is from the second point of view, mainly because I feel these reviews are to judge the quality of the game so others know what they're in for, not the quality of the creator. As good as you may be, your game isn't great.

Story: In "A shard of mine" the story was the heart of the game. You were thrust into a world you didn't understand, trying to fufill a goal you didn't fully know, and you discovered it as you went through the world. Throughout this were mini narratives that played on as you played, such as the poisoned girl that you met and could save. It felt gratifying to discover more of the story as it went on. Here, however, the story doesn't play that big a role. You aren't driven by the events of the game, you just want to complete the test, and any story bits that get revealed don't feel big or earth shattering. It just doesn't have the same feel as before, where you were assembling the peices of a storybook, telling some grand, overarching narrative, that you happened to play a part in. It made meeting Ladon feel gratifying, and meeting the dark lord even more gratifying. However, in this story, all you get is exposition dumps from the bosses you've killed, followed by more exposition dumps from your master/mentor who I can't remember the name of. And while I understand what you were trying to do, fitting a big moment in the story with a big triumph in gameplay, but often these story bits do nothing more then provide another thing to say to your master so he can give you the next place to go. And it doesn't help that the combat system doesn't make the combat feel very gratifying (more on that later.) And from the perspective that this is just a game jam, that you couldn't put much thought or effort into it, I think back to Luna's heart, where the original story for a shard of mine came from, and that had a lot more original spritework then this game did. So I was overall pretty disappointed in the story.

Combat: I can tell you put a lot more effort into combat in this game then the last game. There are now a lot more weapon types, and 3 magic systems. However, I never experienced any of this on my first run. I spent all my silver on gun upgrades, assuming that I would have a gun, or that I would be able to buy one later. Turns out you never get any silver past that point. I don't know whether or not this is intentional or an error, but it turned the game into a boring hell. I say boring because I had little tactical options, and hell because the only way I had to regenerate health was leveling up. (side note: there is a bug where if you use your skill points to upgrade your health, you get full health. So after every draining fight, I would just unequip all my skill points, then reequip them to get full health. This is the only thing that allowed me to finish the game.) Also, there are some combat features that feel useless or broken. You can block, but all it will do is waste your turn and the enemy's turn and get you right back to where you were before. Bleeding becomes nearly useless after the first part of the game, because you can deal more damage in a single sword strike, and it has less chance of missing. The gun missed once. In the end, battles were just reduced to the simple metric of who missed and who didn't. And that made me really sad because of all the effort you had put into the combat. A few things that could fix this are adding more ways to get silver so players can experiment with all the different combat options you've given them, rather than sticking with one, even if they hate it, making certain enemies take more or less damage from certain styles of attack, making the block feature block for two turns, like in Luna's heart, and Make bleeding last waaaaaaaay longer. Also, at all the bosses I faced, I always went back to grind more enemies, and that was by far the most boring part of the game. For the bandit captain, I grinded out every single enemy in his area after I saw just how gosh dang overpowered he was, and even then I only beat him because of hit/miss luck. Overall, the combat felt like it could have been something really deep and tactical, but it wasn't. It was a missed a oppurtunity, and it makes me even sadder to say that considering how much effort went into the system itself. Both from a full game and 7-day standpoint, it was a disappointment, though the effort put into it is impressive.

Exploration: In "A shard of mine" the exploration of the world felt natural and it felt gratifying to find different routes, even though the path itself was fairly linear. It felt real and organic. Here in this game, though, your master tells you exactly where to go, and even within these areas, there are very little alternate routes. Not to mention the map in the corner. Also, the world feels less real when it's segmented into different parts. Also, the level design felt really weird. For example, in the town, there are these boxes blocking off different routes in the town so there's only one way to get anywhere and traversal is made longer. I have no Idea why this is like this. And the level design needs quite a bit of fine tuning, especially in the town. The first character you meet after you escape the invisible wall that's trapping you with your master is the sailor, who doesn't talk to you, and the gun skills upgrade guy, leading you to assume that he's the character you are expected to interact with first. This may not seem like a lot, but because of this I spent all my money on gun upgrades not knowing I would need to buy a gun and I would never would get any more silver. And that made the combat system bland and uninteresting for me. I did experiment with the other styles of combat for the purposes of this review, however. Nothing else to really say about exploration here. It just felt a lot better when you weren't guided around by master gomez. (hey, I finally remembered what his name was!) I can forgive this though. It's clear most of your focus was on combat in this game. But then again, I already talked about that.

Presentation: This is the one area where a definite impovement can be seen. In spite of the copied assets, sprites are now more detailed and have higher quality animations. Texturing and modeling is better across the board. As a matter of fact, the copied sprites actually look kind of out of place in this game due to how the new sprites look a lot better. Music quality, though not having improved much (to me, of course.) Is still really solid and a pretty good. Overall, the presentation was really great. Especially looking at this as a game made for a 7-day game jam, this is quality stuff.

A few things I didn't mention:

Whenever you enter a new area, horizontal input animations won't trigger. The character will still move, but he'll just stand in place while moving. This is fixed once you put any horizontal input.

Whenever you enter a new area, text will appear, categorizing the areas into different groups. I assume this is your way of quickly and easily identifying what area to transition to. however, does it really need to be in the finished game? If it doesn't, it could you remove it? I know this is just a nitpick, but I am assuming it wouldn't be too hard to do.

Coclusion: all criticism aside, I beleive this is a an okay game. There is obviously a whole bunch of effort put into it, and it was made for a 7 day game jam. Looking back at my criticisms and my score, from the viewpoint of this being a 7 day game, this seems a bit harsh. But if I didn't include every single problem I had with the game, then you wouldn't know every single thing to fix. Obviously you won't be able to fix everything, but I hope you'll be able to fix some.

By the way, I took over an hour to write this. If you don't read it, I'm not following you anymore. :^)

Less than great. Talking to the merchant gave a blank textbox and froze the game, and having spacebar reset the entire game (and nothing to tell you that that would happen) is less than fun.

3 words my friend, sideways walk animation

The music is so good! And the overall graphics were done with care, that's something one can notice. You took good advantage on using some of the gaming graphical concepts from your previous rpg, and did it well.

Glitches to be fixed, passable walls and invisible barriers, and another more playwise keibinding would just do the trick

There's still plenty of space for an even better version here!

Great job mate, I enjoyed playing that game through. It had an interesting story for its length and a strong combat system. On that, I would say that I was annoyed by how most of the early enemies could be one hit late game except for the blocker so please work out the damage calculation. I couldn't work out how the shop system worked because I accidentally spent all my money before combat had started and when I went to sell the 60 rings of sur I had, I was unable to and couldn't experience the other items in the game. One other issue I had was that I was unable to level up past 20 and in this type of game, I enjoy grinding out levels to dominate the enemies in the future and was unable to in this game. I did appreciate the reset stats option which i used a lot. The controls felt good excluding the weirdness of the combat menu starting position based on previous activity. I found the way you used health as difficulty curve while not adjusting defense of any of the enemies. The pixel graphics were also very charming and worked out smoothly, nothing felt like an eye sore. Keep up the great work and I hope to see this game completed in some way or advanced.

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3.21 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2018
8:01 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG