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Zelda- Disaster Sword

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Holy fuck did this take forever. I started this back in March of 2017, and no it didn't take over a year to make a two minute cartoon, but when I think about it, it feels like it still took 4 or 5 months of solid work, at least, there were a few spans of a couple weeks where I was working on this non-stop, including the last month, and I don't understand how I spent so long on a just barely two minute cartoon, though tbf a lot of the animation here is on 1's (just because of how fast a lot of it is) so that might have to do with it. It didn't feel like I spent too long on the animation though, but my perception of time is pretty fucked so maybe I did, I don't know.

Anyways, I was gonna put a whole production write-up here but apparently it's too long, so that will be in a news post!!!

Basically though, this took too long, and I wanted it to be the best it could be, but it wasn't worth it so I cut some corners, but hopefully people still enjoy it so all the time spent is worth it.


"Belt Smack.wav" by PrimeJunt
"Metal Ping1.aif" by timgormly
"ns_plasticcrunch.wav" by cmusounddesig
"swoop_quick_01.aif" by willc2_45220
"Cartoon Pop (Distorted)" by unfa
"2007 0228.ambiance.forest.flac" by dobroide
"Sword Fight 1.mp3" by FunWithSound
"Blast Revisited.wav" by Benboncan
"Archive Sent" by original_sound
"discharge.wave" by Sergenious
"Boiling Towel" by unfa
"12 Swimming - Fast.wav" by 14GPanskaValaChristoffer

all of freeesound.org


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Breath of the Wild in a nutshell.


The style was pretty cool and weird. I liked the fight with the red goblin guy (sorry, I don't know Legend of Zelda) when the sounds were actually referenced in the battle. The action itself was also quite good. The swords breaking was also pretty good. The final Ganon battle was a bit confusing, since I thought the sword had already shot its attack because of that little spark. Some of the animation was quite nice, and some of it was not. Some of it left me a bit weirded out. Overall, a bit confusing and weird, but it had some cool ideas and jokes.

artistunknown responds:

You are right the final battle is pretty confusing, and that is entirely my fault and it's not even justified. The explanation though, is that when link goes to swing the master sword, it runs out of power, as indicated by the spark, because in the game, instead of breaking like other swords, the master sword runs out of power, except it can't run out of power in the Ganon fight, so that part's not accurate, I just thought it would be funny to have it seemingly run out of power. Link then tries to throw the sword away since it ran out of power, but when you try to throw the master sword, it shoots a sword beam instead, which, idk if it can do that when it's out of power, but I'd imagine not, so I guess the only explanation there is the master sword is trolling Link.


I really liked it, I faved it and added 4 to the rating.
I think it was weel conceived. I loved the funny animation and the drawing were cute.
I like also how link's hair moves when he walks lol, don't ask me why it gets me everytime.
Just want you to know that it is a great animation and I looked quite more of you because I like the style.
So keep up the good work and don't let the naysayers work on you.

artistunknown responds:

Good to know you liked how link's hair moves, 'cause that took forever to add!

Look, people can have negative opinions, but if they're not going to elaborate on anything or make unfounded claims, it's not really helpful. That's it. I'll try not to let it bother me though lol


This animation is underrated! I liked a lot of the jokes, animation was smooth. Art wasn't perfect, but it did the trick nicely! Too lazy to get into the specifics, but I want you to know I liked it. Nice work!

artistunknown responds:


Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2018
12:01 AM EDT