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Reviews for "Zelda- Disaster Sword"

Short and simple animation. The art was okay during some moments, the animation was alright, the voice acting was good and the music was simple. It has a relatively humors story, but not super entertaining.

artistunknown responds:

Cool, no specifics. Why even bother reviewing?

Okay this one's interesting, it reminds me the type of animation I was doing in 2015, a time when I was absolutely obsessed in animating at 24 fps because i wanted it to be as smooth as possible, because I wanted to create some good movement. Later i discovered it was not about that. The movement of illusion doesn't come from that, it comes when you start moving your drawings as if they had real physics, as if they could be in the real world, because sometimes we forget we are trying to emulate real life. I made an entire project using the mindset you are using and it didn't turn out good enough. I can tell you're not lying, you really have spent a lot of time making this because heck, I KNOW you have. But one day you will understand it's not about doing a fuckton of frames and it's not worth spending that much time making a zelda animation that has the same joke that every other botw video (sorry for being harsh, but i do think you need to hear this, i wish someone did it back then instead of telling me "Oh you're so good at animation!" when I was not). One day you will realize that you have to rethink what you are doing. One day you will see for yourself that you are good enough. I don't know your life, i don't know if you are willing to make a life out of animation, but if you are, go to an art school and learn actual volume and shape, learn movement drawing naked people at strange poses. If you can't afford that, ask your sister or a friend or whatever to do that, because you need the fundamentals of drawing first and animation later. Read the Ricard Williams animation book, it's fucking gold and you will really improve, because you've been animating for years and i know you actually want to improve. But the thing is, it's not about how much your characters move, it's about HOW they move, if it makes sense or not they moving like they move. I feel like when he's going up there, in 0:30, is your best shot, because:
1.it's far away so you can't see that the lineart is pretty shaggy
2.The lighting is pretty good when he gets at the top, even though the background lighting doesn't make much sense
3.It's all pretty simple shapes, so it looks good
4.It just works.
And hey, I'm not saying everything has to be extremely realistic, not at all, i'm a cartoonist myself and i don't like realism, but it has to be inspired by realistic weight and feel (don't take the video that i uploaded here at newgrounds as an example, i made that really quickly and you can't see what i mean, i'm talking about when you are making a big one, one that you will be proud of). You work a lot and that's good, it means that you really enjoy what you are doing, you make a lot of videos a years and that's cool. But here's the thing: you can choose quality or quantity and you chose quantity first, nothing wrong with that, but there's why your lack of polish. I can see you tryed drawing some shadowing, i can see the parallax scrolling at the background while walking, i can see how detailed ganon is, it's awesome, i've never done something like that. But man, even if you succeed with all these techniques, your basics of drawing are still not in their full form. This is like with Oney, he drew the ugliest fucking cartoons, but then he decided to actually become a good artist, and you can really see his skills on doodledoods. He knows lighting, he knows anatomy, he knows how things move, he knows his shit. You've made 6 animations this year already, why don't you relax now and try to improve what you already know? I feel like you can do much better, you just need a teacher or someone to guide you. But that's certanly not me, i'm just a mean comment on newgrounds!
I hope you don't take this the wrong way, I just think you need to know your weaknesses. (Sorry if something's not easy to understand, english is not my native language)

artistunknown responds:

I'm not entirely sure how to take this, or how to respond to it, because I feel like you're assuming a lot of things. I can draw a lot better than any drawing in this cartoon, the only reason the drawings here aren't great is because they were drawn very quickly, or they were drawn over a year ago, that's the same reason why the joke isn't very original, because I wrote this right when Breath of the Wild first came out. I can draw better than this, but I do need to work on better posing, you're right about that. Lighting as well, I'm not too great at, that was another reason I didn't shade the whole cartoon, because the lighting just wouldn't have been accurate. I understand some things about light, and I tried to make the lighting accurate with the backgrounds, but then I realized for some of them that accurate lighting just wouldn't look right, and also I had already shaded the character for some shots before making the backgrounds, so the lighting was just wrong anyways.

Also you're assuming I love animating on 1's. I don't, in fact, most of this is on 2's and there's even a lot of 3's and 4's in there. Most of the fight scene is just on 1's because I decided to make the soundscape before animating and I didn't want to edit the timing of the audio, so a lot of the timing isn't great, and parts of it are too fast so you cant' even see the expressions or that the characters do have weight to them. I really should've slowed that down but it would've been too much of a pain. This was the first time I tried doing that, and clearly it didn't work.

I already understand the fundamentals of drawing, and movement, they just weren't fully implemented into this because some parts were rushed, and some parts were old, or I just didn't care about the quality of the drawing. I do seem to have an issue of making things too fast though, so I'll try to work on that.

The thing that gets me the most here, is you saying I started out focusing on quantity over quality. Sure, I guess in 2009 when I put out over 50 videos when I didn't know what the fuck I was doing, but when I started taking animation more seriously, I started my own web series where the episodes were 10 minutes long, weren't very good, and still took forever, so it was neither quantity or quality. There have been years where I've tried to pump out more cartoons, but I never really actively tried to reduce the quality to get them out fast, they just didn't take that long to make.

The fact that you would say that on THIS cartoon of all things though, a cartoon that I started over a year ago and took about 5 months to make, yeah that's really focusing on quantity. Also I've only put out 3 cartoons this year, I'm guessing you saw the 6 submissions on my profile, 2 of which aren't even by me and I only helped on by giving vague ideas and feedback on, and the other I made in 2016. The actual cartoons I've made this year have a total runtime of just over 3 minutes. That's nothing compared to previous years.

Idk, maybe it's just because I'm still going through a bout of depression, and have an inferiority complex, but this still feels overly negative and like an attack, especially with all the assumptions. Maybe that's because english isn't your first language though, so the wording was just bad, I don't know.

I do appreciate the more critical review, but I already know and understand all this, and because of the circumstances of this cartoon, I'm not entirely sure if that's just because the old parts, the rushed parts, or if I really haven't improved at all. I'll keep all of this in mind, but I guess I won't know until the next time I'm able to release something in a reasonable amount of time.

Foreign as the Zelda universe is to me I'm probably not catching the joke as well as I could, but it stands it's ground well too! Animation superfluent as always, battles fast-paced (at least the one) and creative, and the backgrounds... woah, detail! With all the glow and transformations too. Shows a lot of time went into a lot of this! With that in mind I'm a bit curious who did what here? Those additional backgrounds/animation? Audio and music turned out good too, even if the music seems somewhat far off; never all that prominent. Good stuff! Also that 4G Patreon folder... interesting...


artistunknown responds:

The joke isn't very good tbh, but basically, Nintendo added a weapon durability mechanic to the newest Zelda game and a lot of the swords seemed to break really quickly, so I decided to make a joke about that, which a lot of people probably have done before since the game's been out for over a year now! The real kicker though is that the Master Sword, the sword that's supposed to be the one thing to defeat evil, is also effected by this. It doesn't break, but it does run out of power, which I think is really stupid. It can't run out of power during the fight with Ganon though, so that part's not accurate but I thought it would be funnier to do that. Also you can throw weapons in the game, but when you try to throw the Master Sword, it shoots the sword beam instead, so when Link tries to throw the Master Sword here, for being a "useless piece of shit", it instead shoots a sword beam, and the rest is pretty self-explanatory lol.

As for who did what, this was like 99% me. Misty cleaned up and inbetweened one shot, colored a few more, and bread colored two shots. Everything else including the backgrounds and music was all me. That's why the music feels off!! I had to make it not too distracting since it probably wouldn't sound good otherwise ha!

I'm glad the time put into this shows!