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Desperado Hunter [demo]

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Author Comments

Z=jump X=shoot R=restart level
Worked a while on this game in 2016, it proved to be too big of a project for me at the time. Maybe I'll finish it someday.

Music by: Victor Butzelaar

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I tried to jump over an enemy shot landed on them (they lost the gun) then keep pushing them until they fell of the screen, I fell off too watched the screen move forward until I finish the demo

UltimoGames responds:

yeah... I lost interest in this game, there are some bugs here and there. Thanks for the feedback bluevamp!

I liked it, completed the Demo in 1 go.
Wanted to continue to atleast kill 1 guy.
Digged the music and sfx.
Game reminds me a bit of : https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/701744
But I liked this one more and think it would do better once you finish the game.

As in Interstate Drifter. You are really good at the minuteae details like pickups. I think you could win a lot of time if you instead focused on the important points first such as basic level design and enemy progression. Then once you got that add some pickups. Currently pickups don't seem to have a function.

UltimoGames responds:

too much ambition, too much ideas. Got to focus on completing games first. Thanks for the review Sabooo

That was a lot of fun, and it'd be cool to see it developed into a full game. One of the funnier bugs occurs in the shootout sequence. If you mistime the jump and get shot, sometimes your body will fly into the bandit and steal his gun. This gives you a gun when you replay the shootout, and shooting the bandit causes the game to stop instead of proceeding to the final stage of the demo.

UltimoGames responds:

hahaa Never noticed that bug! :D I'll try it! Thanks for the review, I put a lot of love and effort in this game, but it grew out of proportions. You can also bounce the bullets when you shoot the enemy bullet.


There is a lot of potential here! Don't quit!

Gameplay is great! Controls are responsive, movement and collision are smooth and fluid except in a few parts. If you want to fully round out the game, you'll have to have someone try to break it and mess up in every single possible way, and watch what they do. Often times, as designers, we are quite blind to the ways that our game can break, because we know how it is supposed to work. But, fresh eyes from testers will help explore those unknown bugs and unintended level designs.
For instance:
- spamming jump in a short hallway has a very strange effect on the movement speed.
- on the first level, jumping into the upper corner of the first rock tunnel causes my hat to duplicate and then I have two hats that bounce up as I fall back downwards...
- The plethora of shinies up atop the roofs of level 1 were alluring me, so was the fact that I lost my hat, so I went back and played it again. I tried to come up with some conceivable way to reach the rooftop goodies, or avoid losing my hat in the tunnel, but I could not. These things made me as a player think that there was an alternate way to play the level. I would recommend either removing these, or make an not-so-obvious path to reach these. :)

In terms of level design, you're doing great! But, there are some spots that can improve. You introduce your player to new concepts one at a time, first in a non-threatening way, and then in a more dangerous way, which is awesome! However, there are several instances where the pacing goes out the window. Running into town in the first level, my eyes were overwhelmed because there is a lot going on. There are other characters and they seem to be in the foreground so I wasn't sure if they were objects to avoid, there seems to be an upper level above me that I'm not sure if I missed a way to get up there, and then there are shiny things and people blowing kisses that make read hearts. Suffice to say, there was an abrupt change from simplicity to overwhelming environment.
The other half of level design is to create interesting choices for the player. It seems like your game will benefit from the Sonic the Hedgehog style layout, where upper paths are harder to reach and are often more dangerous, but offer great speed to skilled players. Meanwhile, the bottom routes are safer, but slower. (not so slow that new players are bored, we want to keep the newbies entertained, but steer the veterans toward the more challenging paths) I would focus on that aspect when designing the third level, especially because the shooting enemies are the most dangerous.

I believe that you've got what it takes to round out all of your ideas and place them perfectly into well designed levels! That said, even great designers will have many people play-test their creations because they need input from others. :)

I like the way that you introduce the gun and the bullet bouncing mechanic with the still-frame bullet jump scene. Keep that! ;) But, like others have said, that section after you get the gun needs some toning down, I found myself dying an innumerable amount of times. LOL!

The art style and music is on point! I really dig the pixel art, and the retro bgm that sounds like an arcade machine!

I really enjoy this demo! I look forward to whatever projects you end up working on and releasing!

*side note* At one point, I fell underneath the third level without dying, and floated all the way to the goal, even though I was probably miles into the earth at that point, lol!

UltimoGames responds:

wow! I need to take all feedback in consideration, and wrap it up in the Definitive version of Desperado Hunter. I worked quite a long time on this game, but there was no end in sight for a final product. So I focused on pixel art, and smaller projects. Thanks for the useful review and the kind words Ragekaje!

Genre is misleading, this kinda falls as a 'runner', not a 'Run 'n Gun' like the Gunstar Heroes games, so that kinda ruined my expectations a little.

I'm loving the overall art style, captures the Wild West theme so well!

For a runner, it plays solidly, controls are responsive to controls, but level design here seems iffy... especially the gun portion of the game. I know you need to introduce a level where bullets can ricochet but why punish the player in learning that? And punish them even more for dropping to a pathway where a brigand is literally waiting for them to shoot at them and escape is impossible? And even you shoot them, there's a slope just there for a bullet to ricochet back at them. I just thought that was just a weird design.

Also for some reason, pressing space pauses the whole game, even though the hunter is still moving?

Despite all that, this can be a really good, addicting game. Just finish the rest of the game, add NG API and medal support and it will really polish up the game. Really good stuff here!

UltimoGames responds:

Yeah I really need to see other people play this game. I am not too good at level design.. I like to create a world, characters, and story. Thanks for the useful review solitonmedic! (changed the genre)

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2018
7:40 AM EDT