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Reviews for "Desperado Hunter [demo]"

Wow! This is awesome! I'd like to see the full game!

UltimoGames responds:

Good to hear, first I gotta finish Interstate Drifter! Thanks Zophar.

Huh. This is one of the funnest demos i have ever played. I would really enjoy a full version! THe gameplay is nice, i like the story, and just the whole game is amazing! I will play this as soon as it comes out! (If i can.)

UltimoGames responds:

thanks crazygamer2003! First I will work on Interstate Drifter 2000, I also want to complete this game someday, because I am a big fan of western movies and Lucky Luke.

I liked it, completed the Demo in 1 go.
Wanted to continue to atleast kill 1 guy.
Digged the music and sfx.
Game reminds me a bit of : https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/701744
But I liked this one more and think it would do better once you finish the game.

As in Interstate Drifter. You are really good at the minuteae details like pickups. I think you could win a lot of time if you instead focused on the important points first such as basic level design and enemy progression. Then once you got that add some pickups. Currently pickups don't seem to have a function.

UltimoGames responds:

too much ambition, too much ideas. Got to focus on completing games first. Thanks for the review Sabooo

Genre is misleading, this kinda falls as a 'runner', not a 'Run 'n Gun' like the Gunstar Heroes games, so that kinda ruined my expectations a little.

I'm loving the overall art style, captures the Wild West theme so well!

For a runner, it plays solidly, controls are responsive to controls, but level design here seems iffy... especially the gun portion of the game. I know you need to introduce a level where bullets can ricochet but why punish the player in learning that? And punish them even more for dropping to a pathway where a brigand is literally waiting for them to shoot at them and escape is impossible? And even you shoot them, there's a slope just there for a bullet to ricochet back at them. I just thought that was just a weird design.

Also for some reason, pressing space pauses the whole game, even though the hunter is still moving?

Despite all that, this can be a really good, addicting game. Just finish the rest of the game, add NG API and medal support and it will really polish up the game. Really good stuff here!

UltimoGames responds:

Yeah I really need to see other people play this game. I am not too good at level design.. I like to create a world, characters, and story. Thanks for the useful review solitonmedic! (changed the genre)

I tried to jump over an enemy shot landed on them (they lost the gun) then keep pushing them until they fell of the screen, I fell off too watched the screen move forward until I finish the demo

UltimoGames responds:

yeah... I lost interest in this game, there are some bugs here and there. Thanks for the feedback bluevamp!