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One Life Challenge
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Help Max save the world and take down vast armies of destruction!
Upgrade Max's skills and equipment that will help through the battles. Buy and upgrade weaponry to fight. Pick the best weapon for the job and take down the enemy armies!

How to play:
Move with your mouse
Left mouse click to shoot
X to throw grenades
P to pause

- To get three stars from a mission; Complete the level with full health and no enemies escaped behind!
- Play the One Life Challenge and compete with other players. See who can fight longer against the armies of destruction!

V 1.033 Update!
- As you progress through the campaign, and upgrade your lives and magnet, you drop more coins from enemies, and earn more coins from one life challenge.
We appreciate your feedback! We are very happy with the positive reaction from you, and we are hoping to make an even more fun game next time with your directions. Thank you again!


I got hit in Level 12 and Level 27. The difficulty is not linear. The 30th wave was much harder than the 36th wave for example.

The difficulty rose incrementally in the beginning like a game generally should, but it dropped near the end, unless those were intended to be "cool down" waves.

The shotgun seemed to delay in firing and seemed to "fall behind" when you fired numerous rounds.

Overally it's style is good, but it's gameplay is average.

Too long and too easy.

I missed flash games like this. Simple, mind-numbing but a fun time waster. Was pleasant to just listen to my own music while playing this.

PS: for some reason, whenever I pick up coins, both my music players (foobar 2000 and spotify) are making the music very silent until the coin sound stops. That's weird.

The game was okay. It had lots of missed potential and there's nothing that really differentiate this game and other side scrolling shooting games but good game overall.

It's a very basic side-scrolling shooter.
It's pretty easy (I only got hit once, in only one level), and it gets boring pretty fast: 36 levels, and only 4 enemy types. In the boss levels, the boss is always the same. Three weapons, of which only one is worth buying and upgrading (the machine gun). I got to the end only to see if there was something else, but no.
More enemy types, more weapons, different bosses and maybe obstacles (like barbed wire, holes, sandbags, etc.) would really improve the experience. Changing the background every now and then would help, too.
Also: at the beginning, the story says we're in 4000 AD. What's the point in setting this into the far far future, if weapons, armors and vehicles are the same as today?

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3.35 / 5.00

May 23, 2018
1:24 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight