Reviews for "Shooter Soldier Max"

Too long and too easy.

I missed flash games like this. Simple, mind-numbing but a fun time waster. Was pleasant to just listen to my own music while playing this.

PS: for some reason, whenever I pick up coins, both my music players (foobar 2000 and spotify) are making the music very silent until the coin sound stops. That's weird.

The game was okay. It had lots of missed potential and there's nothing that really differentiate this game and other side scrolling shooting games but good game overall.

It's a very basic side-scrolling shooter.
It's pretty easy (I only got hit once, in only one level), and it gets boring pretty fast: 36 levels, and only 4 enemy types. In the boss levels, the boss is always the same. Three weapons, of which only one is worth buying and upgrading (the machine gun). I got to the end only to see if there was something else, but no.
More enemy types, more weapons, different bosses and maybe obstacles (like barbed wire, holes, sandbags, etc.) would really improve the experience. Changing the background every now and then would help, too.
Also: at the beginning, the story says we're in 4000 AD. What's the point in setting this into the far far future, if weapons, armors and vehicles are the same as today?

Could use a lot of polish and detailing. The game itself, at its core,doesn't bring anything new to the table. It's a side-scrolling shooter game, with upgrade options here and there. Not much more to say.

That, and some features aren't really worthwhile, namely the choice of guns.
There's only one gun really worth buying and upgrading, and that's the machine gun. The shotgun does a lot of damage, but lacks the speed to take on waves of enemies (and apparently only shoots slugs; no buckshot) and the uzi has a lot of speed, but lacks the punch to take down armored enemies.

Overall, it feels like a "bargain bin" title, and I can't recommend it.