Reviews for "Shooter Soldier Max"

Good game.
I liked that after getting missions with mostly vehicles you suddenly placed missions with lots of infantry swarming the player.
That suprised me and so I had to switch weapons back to the Uzi which then allowed me to get rid off the infantry soldiers faster.

Btw. is there some kind of condition for one's score in the 1-life-challenge to be added into the ranking list?
I have a higscore of 966 since yesterday but my score is not even added into the list for my own scores at all.

metinevrenk responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the twist! :)

About score posting; I will look into why that happened. Is it possible you got the high score when you were not logged in? Is your own score table all empty with no scores?

The game is not bad, but it's so damn slow and easy. Adjust this difficult curve.

metinevrenk responds:

Thenk you for the feedback. Do you think the same for the latter missions too? For missions 19 and after. Things get a bit more crowded in later stages :)

Good but could be less repetitive.
Keep going

great game.